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Fourty – five (45) Madaris Teachers in Mindanao have completed the Intel Teach Getting Started Course held last December 19,22,23,29 and 30 at MSU-IIT College of Education with Ms. Avril Joy R. Ramayan and Ms. Roxan A. Consolacion as trainers. The Intel® Teach Getting Started Course is a professional development offering for classroom teachers with little or no experience with computers, and are in need of basic skills and introduction to project approaches. The training enables the participants to 1) develop 21st century teaching and learning skills and approaches, such as student-centered instruction, critical thinking, and collaboration 2) involve the planning, doing, reviewing, and sharing of meaningful and relevant teacher activities and 3) require the development of individual action plans detailing how teachers will apply their new skills and approaches to enhance their productivity and professional growth over time.

Using productivity technology tools (word processing, spreadsheet and multimedia), the participants have created portfolio that contains assessment tools and instructional materials for classroom use. Trainers, with the assistance of Muslim peer tutors demonstrated the step-by-step hands-on activities which served as key instruments in contextualizing the end goals of the training.

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