Clubs & Student Organizations


A student organization of the University or of any college or school thereof shall be any association, club, order or any other form of organized group least fifty percent or more of whose members are students of the University (Art. 460).

As a matter of policy, MSU-IIT does not recognize Greek-letter fraternities or sororities, as well as other organizations which conduct hazing or initiation rites as a pre-requisite for admission.

Organizations which are sectarian, provincial, sectional or regionalist in name and in nature are not allowed in the University. Any organization which identifies itself with any cultural, religious or linguistic groups which may tend to promote division instead of unification of students is not authorized (Art. 461).

Organizations which aim to promote artistic, literary, dramatic, civic, cultural or other worthwhile goals are under the control and supervision of an adviser recommended by the students in coordination with the Director of Student Affairs and approved by the President/Chancellor (Art. 462).

Programs which contribute to personal and national development that may be undertaken may include the following:

  1. Cultural activities such as literary programs, plays and various artistic representations;
  2. Academic forums such as convocations, symposia, debates and speech contest;
  3. Sports and physical education activities to develop physical fitness;
  4. Observation trips to historical spots, museums, galleries and social institutions having relevance to formal education or to developing in one.s self appreciation of the nation.s rich heritage; and
  5. Observations discussions that will serve to clarify, infuse, deepen and broaden the student.s understanding of the concepts and goals of the Philippine Society (Art. 463).

A university student organization shall be one whose members belong to two or more colleges or schools of the University. A college or student organization shall be one whose members belong exclusively to one college or school; and class organization shall be one composed of members of a class in any college or school of the University (Art. 464).

Every university student organization shall have one or more faculty advisers recommended by it and approved by the Director of Student Affairs. No student organization may hold any meeting or undertake any activity for any purpose whatsoever, except that of adopting a constitution before its adviser or advisers are appointed and have assumed office as such (Art. 466).

No university student organization shall be allowed to function without a constitution which has been previously approved by the Chancellor upon the recommendation of the Director of Student Affairs (Art. 467).



KASAMA: Kataastaasang Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral

  • CED Executive council(Kasama)
  • CASS Executive Council(Kasama)
  • CSM Executive Council(Kasama)
  • SET Executive Council(Kasama)
  • COE Executive Council(Kasama)
  • CEBA Executive Council(Kasama)
  • SCS Executive Council(Kasama)

Institute-Based Student Organizations (not based in a specific college)

  • MIDV: MSU-IIT Debate Varsity
  • MIDSA: MSU-IIT DOST Student Organization
  • MSU-IIT College Red Cross Youth Council
  • Supreme Knights of MSU-IIT (ROTC)
  • AIITAFI Scholars Association
  • MISYR: MSU-IIT Society of Young Researchers

COE-Based Department Organizations

  • JPSME: Junior Philippine  Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • JIECEP: Junior Institute of Electronics and Communications Engineers
  • IIEES: Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineering Students
  • JPICE: Junior Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers
  • ACES: Association of Civil Engineering Students
  • MESS: Metallurgical Engineering Students Society
  • JPIChE: Junior Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • CERES: Ceramics Engineering Society

CED-based Department Organizations

  • STEP-FHP: Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs Philippines – Future Homemakers of the Philippines
  • ITESO: Industrial Technology Education Students Organization
  • SEEEd: Society of Elementary English Educators
  • DPESO: Department of Physical Education Student organization

SET-Based Department Organizations

  • SET–METSBO: Mechanical Engineering Technology Student Body Organization
  • SET–AETDSO: Automotive Engineering Technology Department Student Organization
  • SET–CETDSO: Civil Engineering Technology Department Student Organization
  • SET–EETDSO: Electrical  Engineering Technology Department Student Organization
  • SET–EETDSO: Electronics Engineering Technology Department Student Organization
  • SET–IACETDSO: Industrial Automation Control Engineering Technology Department Student Organization
  • SET–RACETDSO: Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning  Engineering Technology Department Student Organization
  • SET–MSETDSO: Material Science Engineering Technology Department Student Organization
  • SET–CHETDSO: Chemical Engineering Technology Department Student Organization

CBA-Based Department Organizations

  • JPIA: Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants
  • JEMS: Junior Entrepreneurial Marketing Society
  • JES: Junior Economics Society

CSM-Based Department Organizations

  • CHEMSOC: Chemistry Society
  • SMAS: Statistics and Mathematics Society of MSU-IIT
  • KMP: Kapisanan ng mga Mag-aaral ng Pisika (no CBL)

SCS-Based Department Organizations

  • ComSoc: Computer Science Society
  • JITS: Junior Info Tech Society

CASS-Based Department Organizations

  • Political  Science Society
  • ABEO: AB English Organization
  • Historical Society
  • Psychological Society
  • Kapilas-Bayan (no CBL)
  • GESO: General Education Student Organization (no CBL)
  • Sociological Society (no CBL)