by Christine Godinez Ortega

Chancellor Sukarno D. Tanggol chairs the panel on The Bangsamoro (Sub) State: Its Identity, Nature, Struggle and Movement during the SEA Studies Symposium on March 22-23, 2014 at the Keble College, University of Oxford in London with the theme “Southeast Asia in Transition”.

In its announcement, the Southeast Asian Studies Symposium says it is the largest annual conference on Southeast Asia in the world with 50 panels and 300 delegates.

The Symposium aims to present interdisciplinary and transnational solutions to contemporary Southeast Asian issues; to provide opportunities for dialog and networking among academic, business, political, and civil society leaders from Europe and SEA; and to provide a platform for emerging and established scholars to demonstrate their latest research on SEA.

The other presenters and the titles of their papers in the panel are: Nassef Manabilang Adiong of the International Relations and Islamic Studies Research Cohort (Co-IRIS) and of the Middle East Technical University, “Question of Bangsamoro: Its Geopolitical Issue Areas and the BATNA Approach on GRP-MILF Peace Process”; Raison Dimaampao Arobinto of the University of the Philippines, “The Voice of the Ulama on the Bangsamoro Struggle”; Leila Asani Halud of the University of the Philippines, “Transitional Justice: Post-Conflict Reconciliation in Southern Philippines”; and, Tanggol’s “Between Autonomy and Independence: Is Federalism the Answer to the Bangsamoro Question in the Philippines?”

Tanggol’s paper “explores the option of federalism as a theoretical mean between autonomy and independence; revisits the relevant discourse, initiatives, and issues within the Philippine polity regarding the federal option and the Bangsamoro issue; and, analyzes its implications for Philippine politics and governance, as well as the OIC and the ASEAN”.

Tanggol has done extensive research on federalism and has authored the book, Regional Autonomy and Federalism: Concepts and Issues for the Bangsamoro Government published by the MSU-IIT in 2012.

While in London, Tanggol will likewise benchmark on the best academic practices at Oxford and at the Cambridge University. Upon leaving London, and in the Special Order signed by the MSU President, he, Tanggol, will proceed to Kuwait to “explore possible linkages with Kuwait University and funding support” for MSUS projects. Christine Godinez Ortega, OPI

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