The ICT Integration in Education, the extension program advocated by the College of Education (CED) since 2004, is among the 15 entries included in the shortlist of the 2011 results of the Wenhui (文 晖) Award for Educational Innovation.

The extension program improves current programs with a more responsive and more relevant education system with the use of innovations in ICT. The program has been providing ICT skills trainings for students, teachers, and school administrators to earn a living, acquire job promotions, and receive recognitions.


The Wenhui Award launched in 2010 under the Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID) values and encourages pioneering innovative practices to improve the access to, quality of, and teaching and learning processes in, education. Moreover, the award also recognizes the contributions of individuals or institutions in the Asia and Pacific region which have brought about significant educational innovations to enhance the access to education and improve the quality of the teaching and learning processes. Furthermore, it aims to foster indigenous wisdom and ingenuity in educational innovation.

This year’s theme, Education for Learning to Live Together, aimed to enhance a culture of acceptance of differences, respect for diversity and promotion of peace and harmony through innovative education practices. The theme focused on projects that have successfully demonstrated the impact of their educational innovation on building a culture of learning how to live together. The Jury presented the results that highly commended the efforts of the 15 shortlisted entries and encouraged them to continue their valuable contribution to education and a caring society.

This recognition marks another remarkable achievement of the CED that has, in recent months, been recognized for implementing trailblazing projects.

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