by Ian S. Embradura, OPI

CEd’s Buan is Intel Educ Visionary for the Future

Prof. Amelia T. Buan is one of the Intel® Education Visionaries (IEV) from around the world in designing the future of education technology.

In a kickoff event on October 11-14, 2015, 40 educational leaders were gathered at Intel’s headquarters in Santa Clara, California, US with the objective of inspiring and sharing ideas and opportunities among policy makers, administrators, and fellow educators about the power of technology in education.

Buan, the only Filipino IEV, was chosen for her insight, passion, and proven experience as an agent of change in education.

In the year 2000, Buan was previously trained by Intel on the implementation of technology in the classroom. It is only later, Buan notes, that leaders and administrators were addressed, especially in the promotion of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) resources.

John Galvin, during the Santa Clara kickoff event, presents Intel’s Education Transformation Model which integrates the factors of student success—professional learning, curriculum and assessment, ICT, sustainable resourcing, research and extension—in the policies and leadership of educators. Galvin is the General Manager of Intel Education.

With such insights, Buan together with fellow educators at the MSU-IIT’s College of Education (CEd) plans on improving the conduct of trainings to teachers. Instead of contending with teaching competency as enough of an indicator to student success, the plan is to assess and enhance the mapping of teaching tools including ICT resources in maximizing the creativity and critical thinking of students.

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