Keeping track of the latest innovations in ICT education, faculty members of the College of Education underwent a three-day workshop on the utilization of Web 2.0 Tools and the Fundamentals of Action Research Project.

These engagements are in response to the challenge of Dr. Myrna E. Lahoylahoy, team leader of the Iligan Community of Learning Classroom-Based Research Project (OCoLAR), to start action researches in the classroom. The OCoLAR was launched March 1, 2010 to enhance research and find solutions to problems in instruction.

The workshops, held April 22, 23, and 26 at the World Links Training Center, focused on creating a Project Plan to apply project-based approaches, learn the use of Web 2.0 Tools, and create online classrooms at MOLE for mentors to subsequently design an action research project.

Topics : workshop  web 2.0