by Ian S. Embradura, OPI

CED teachers win Best Paper in International Conference

College of Education – Integrated Developmental School (CED-IDS) faculty members stood out at the 6th International Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (CoSMEd). Ivy Claire V. Mordeno of the Integrated Developmental School (IDS), CED’s Dr. Myrna E. Lahoylahoy, Prof. Sotero O. Malayao and CSM’s Dr. Arnold C. Alguno won the Best Paper Award under the Science Education category for their paper presented at the said conference.

The team’s paper “Designing Experiments in Thermodynamics: Its Effectiveness to Students’ Conceptual Understanding” is a classroom-based research that explored the merits of the Design Your Own Experiment (DYOE) activity in a student-centered setting.

According to Lahoylahoy, thermodynamics is considered to be one of the most difficult topics for senior students. The study hopes to enhance the instruction of thermodynamics by letting the students design the experiment, added Dr. Lahoylahoy. The finds imply that the “DYOE activity guides help students build a mental framework about the concepts in Thermodynamics.” In other words, with minimal guidance, the learners gain the ability “to recognize the problem, make predictions, and construct methods.”

The CoSMED International Conference has the objective in providing a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences on the development of science and mathematics education at all levels.

CED teachers win Best Paper in International Conference

Mordeno presented the paper at the conference where she was accompanied by co-authors, her adviser Lahoylahoy, and the panelists, Alguno and Malayo. The 6th International CoSMED was held on November 16-19 at the SEAMEO RECSAM in Penang, Malaysia.

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