The College of Education (CEd) recently made formal its academic and educational exchanges with the Faculty of Education (FOE) of Khon Kaen University (KKU), Thailand.

The regular attendance of CEd faculty in the International Conference on Educational Research (ICER) since 2011 started the collaboration between the two institutions.

CEd Dean Prof. Esmar N. Sedurifa and Dr. Maitree Inprasitha, KKU Dean of the Faculty of Education signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on September 16, 2013 but the formal partnership between the MSU-IIT CEd and the KKU FOE was on March 26-27, 2013 during the visit of Prof. Diamer B. Capilitan at the KKU.

In the said partnership, both institutions shall promote the exchange of faculty members, administrative staff and students (undergraduate and graduate), research outcomes and academic publications under agreed upon terms and conditions. The conduct of collaborative researches, academic conferences and researches meetings is also included in the agreement.

Prior to the meeting on September 16 with KKU’s top officials, the MSU-IIT delegates earlier presented their researches in the 6th International Conference on Educational Research organized by the Faculty of Education on September 13-14, 2013.

Together with the college dean, the following CEd faculty members presented their respective researches in ICER 2013: Prof. Diamer B. Capilitan, Prof. Ellen L. Jarantilla, Prof. Amelia T. Buan, Dr. Myrna E. Lahoylahoy, Prof. Joy R. Magsayo, Prof. May A. Cañedo, Prof. Rhea D. Febro, Dr. Rizalina G. Gomez and Prof. Giselle O. Dangdang.

The following graduate and undergraduate students also joined the delegation to present their theses: Salamah B. Indad (Ph.D. SciEd Chem), Edna N. Nabua (Ph.D. SciEd Chem), Maribel Barabag (MSciEd-Math), Helen A. Aya (MSciEd-Math), Reggien R. Patayon (MSciEd-Math), Leemarc C. Alia (BSEd-General Science), Hyacinth Catugal (BEED- English), Rachelle Allado (BEED- English) and Janet Arnaiz (BEED- English).

Under the MOU between the MSU-IIT and the KKU, the CEd is expected to help host next year’s ICER.

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