The post-graduate students of the College of Education (CED) hosted the “Learning Principles within Understanding by Design (UbD)” seminar, a requirement in the subject Seminar in Mathematics (MathEd 290).

Under the advising of Dr. Myrna E. Lahoylahoy, the seminar — an innovation in teaching – gathered a hundred participants, double the number that the organizers had expected. The organizers credit this large turnout to their effective dissemination that drew participants from outside the MSU-IIT.

Speakers from the Math class discussed the UbD that proceeds through three stages: the identification of the desired result, determination of acceptable evidences, and the planning of learning experiences and instruction.

Mr. Razel C. Soriano of the Tipanoy National High School discussed the first stage (thus, establishing the learning goals) that sought the “Big Ideas” and the formulation of Essential Questions and Content Standards.

Mr. Bernard O. Callao, from La Salle Academy, discussing the second stage, expounded on the different assessment tools anchored in the acronym GASPS (Goal, Audience, Situation, Product, and Standard). This stage gathers the evidences that prove that the students have mastered the objectives and goals of the first stage.

Mr. Richard S. Masong from Misamis Occidental National High School in Oroquieta City, tackling Stage 3, cited the different learning goals of UbD – Acquisition, Make Meaning, and Transfer, with the use of the W.H.E.R.E.T.O. framework.

An open forum followed the lectures.

Participants included those from the Iligan Medical Center College, Iligan Computer Institute, Central Mindanao University, the MSU-Main Campus, and the IFA. Joining the participants were CED faculty members Prof. Rolando Orbita, Prof. Monera Salic-Hairulla, and Lahoylahoy.

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