by Angeline Pama-Dinoro, Ph.D

As the entire academic community like the MSU-IIT faces the challenges amidst the CoVid 19 pandemic, its College of Education continues to strengthen its pursuits as a Center of Excellence for Teacher Education in its instruction, research and community involvement. In the realization of these pursuits, CEd will host a series of webinar-workshops in three (3) groups of participants: Faculty from the different MSU campus, MSU-IIT-CEd postgraduate students, and basic education teachers in the Department of Education extension school partners in Region 10.

 In the conduct of this slated webinar-workshop series, the College of Education invited a visiting professor, Dr. Bill (William) Atweh, who is currently an active member of the STEM Research Group, Curtin University Australia – Perth. As a visiting professor, Dr. Atweh will be sharing his wide range of expertise in research, research capacity building, technology education, mathematics education, academic writing, and other related topics.

 Dr. Atweh has a Ph.D. earned from the University of Wisconsin, USA, and a renowned professor in mathematics education and a prolific researcher and writer. He has been in the teaching-training profession and as a visiting scholar in certain universities for more than five decades in Australia, other countries, and in the Philippines. He has enormously published, co-authored refereed edited books, journals, textbooks, and a considerably voluminous number of chapters in books on science, mathematics, technology education.

 The virtual series of webinar-workshop will commence on September 21 and will culminate on October 2, 2020, with scheduled dates to the 3 groups of participants. The flow of the webinar-workshop is in the chart that follows.