by Vita S. Caparoso

A webinar on Teaching and Learning marking the Education Technology Day of the College of Education was held on Feb. 25, 2014.

The webinar was organized by the Educational Technology 1 Class, and was held at three venues—CEd Amphitheater, ICT Laboratory, and the World Links Laboratory.

The theme of the webinar was “Emerging Technologies in Education”. The webinar discussed emerging technologies and issues in teaching and learning.

Resource persons for the webinar were Dean of the School of Computer Studies, Prof. Alquine Roy Taculin; Prof. Erik Louwe Sala and Mr. Mark Anthony Manlimos, faculty members of the School of Computer Studies; Mr. Hartfried Schmid, Information Officer of ICT in Education Program, UNESCO Bangkok; and Ms. Sylvia Garde, Senior Program Manager of the Foundation for Information Technology Education and Development (FIT-ED).

Prof. Taculin talked about “Issues and Concerns on the Use of Computers and Internet in Education” While Prof. Sala and Manlimos spoke on “Cloud Computing” and “Flipped Classroom” respectively.

Schmid for his part spoke on “The Use of Open Educational Resources (OER). He also enumerated the “what” and “hows” about teaching and learning resources that can be accessed in the internet for free.

Garde talked about Intel® Elements Courses for teachers and the results of their implementation.

By Vita S. Caparoso, CEd

Topics : webinar  ict integration