Amelia-Tia-Buan TOMA Awardee 2009
Prof. Amelia Tia Buan TOMA Awardee

The 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming highlighted the 41st charter day celebration of MSU-IIT. One of the events lined in the annual homecoming was the search for The Outstanding MSU-IIT Alumni (TOMA) where every qualified alumnus/alumna was given equal chance of being nominated and evaluated by the panel of judges purposively chosen by the TOMA Committee. The prestigious awarding ceremony took place on the night of July 11, 2009 where the three (3) Meritorious TOMA, three (3) Entrepreneurs of the Year and seven (7) TOMA awardees received their plaques or trophies with great honor and gratitude. Dominating in the fourth slot of the seven esteemed TOMA awardees was no other than Prof. Amelia T. Buan.

Prof. Amelia Tia Buan whom her colleagues, students, relatives and friends used to call Ms. Amy, Ma’am Amy, Ate Amy and Amz finished both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in the College of Education, MSU-IIT. She graduated her Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics and Master of Arts in Mathematics Education in the years 1992 and 1997 respectively. She humbly started as a high school Mathematics teacher in the early years of her noble career. With her dedication and love of the teaching profession, Prof. Buan was chosen as one of the trainers of the DOST- Funded Intensive Science and Mathematics Teacher Training Program. She then joined the Intel Teach to the Future Program and eventually recognized as one among the few senior trainers of the program in the country. Her passion and enduring spirit as Intel Teach Senior Trainer gave her the rare opportunity to attend conferences and fora both in the local and international arena being invited as resource person or paper presenter.

When she joined CED in 2004, Prof. Buan revolutionized the implementation of the Intel Teach to the Future Program and the integration of ICT. She spearheaded the conduct of seminars and trainings for the in-service and pre-service teachers on Web-Enhancement and the like. Aside from being a classroom teacher, Ma’am Amy also managed to conduct research and in fact has been recognized as a college faculty researcher during the first two years of teaching. Having performed satisfactorily her duties of instruction and research, Prof. Buan did not miss her third function by reaching out to the community and established linkages to notable institutions like FITED (Foundation of Information Technology Education and Development Inc.), Intel Education Philippines and WORLDLINKS. In fact CED has become the only training hub in Mindanao for WORLDLINKS with her leadership.

The award which she highly deserved was given. Even then, Ma’am Amy once again showed allegiance to her noble profession and great love for her students. After accepting the TOMA trophy handed by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Officer In-charge of the institute Dr. Arnulfo P. Supe, Ma’am Amy quoted: “To my students who challenged me to become a better teacher everyday, thank very much. This award is for all of us.”

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