CED faculty in 4th
 International Conference in Science and Mathematics Education (COSMED)

Researchers from the College of Education (CED) attended the 4th International Conference in Science and Mathematics Education (COSMED) organized by Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Center for Education in Science and Mathematics (SEAMEO RECSAM) in Penang, Malaysia on November 15-17, 2011. The conference’s theme was “Transforming School Science and Mathematics Education in the 21st Century.”

The four faculty members who participated and read papers were Prof. Joy R. Magsayo, Prof. Amelia T. Buan, and Prof. Monera A. Salic-Hairulla (of the Department of Science and Mathematics, DSME), and Ms. Ivy Claire Mordeno (of the Integrated Developmental School, IDS).

Magsayo read her paper entitled “Investigating Herbal Medicine in the Community: WebQuest Activity,” recounting a project-based learning activity where her students investigated the practices of local herbalists and identified the pharmacological properties of herbal plants. Her project improved the academic performance of her students and developed in them “21st century skills.”

Buan shared the results of her study entitled “Enhancing Teaching Skills of Pre-Service Teachers through Integration of Action Research in the Internship Curriculum.” The research focused on determining the processes and outcome in integrating action research in the BSED Mathematics curriculum of the CED.

Hairulla presented the results of two research papers: “Effectiveness of Simulation Game in Teaching Photosynthesis” and “Development of Four Pronged Approaches in Teaching Planets.” The two R&D projects determined the effectiveness of a developed simulation game and instructional technologies in the elementary classrooms.

Mordeno’s paper on the PBL approach that improved the academic performance of the students while they learn with fun was entitled “What’s Hot, What’s Not?: Project-Based Learning Approach for Teaching Thermodynamics.”

The MSU-IIT CED has been credited for disseminating many of the researches and projects of its faculty to the international domains of learning and education.

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