Dr. Lydie Paderanga, Dean of the College of Education, discussed issues on education with her topic, “CHED-PRC: Issues in Curriculum,” during a 3-day Curriculum Conference last April 21-23 at the CHARM Pavilion, MSU Campus.

The curriculum conference, conducted by the MSU Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Office of the President, reviewed existing policies/guidelines on curriculum offerings for revisions and eventual adoption in the university system.

The confab, besides addressing basic curriculum issues, kept the participants abreast with laws governing curricular programs, concerns, and problems in curricular revisions. The plan to standardize curricular offerings in the university system will recommend policies on curricular revisions.

Joining Paderanga during the plenary were Dr. Emmanuel Lagare, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dr. Datumanong Sarangani, the Executive Vice President of the MSU System who represented MSU Pres. Macapado Muslim.

Also attending were the deans, department chairpersons, and chairpersons of the various college curriculum committees.

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