by Christine Mae B. Tecson

Despite the travel bans imposed around the world, the College of Education co-hosted the 13th International Conference on Educational Research (ICER2020) organized by the Faculty of Education, Khon Kaen University, Thailand on Sept. 11-13, 2020 with the theme: “Building Learning Revolution for School Improvement in Digital Era”. ICER 2020 set a virtual conference to keep the participants safe while creating a relevant discussion about educational research.

ICER2020 aims to provide opportunities for researchers, educators, and practitioners from various fields to share their research, experience, knowledge, and techniques used to educate the next generations. Moreover, it offered three instructional showcases and six pre-conference workshops.

A total of 101 accepted submission that underwent a single-blind review from a variety of participants from 8 countries including Lao PDR, Hongkong, Cambodia, China, Thailand, South Africa, Taiwan, and the Philippines. MSU-IIT is the only university from the Philippines who participated in the conference. The participants from CED are the following:

Motivation and Learning Status of Secondary Students Affected by Marawi Siege: Basis for Psychosocial Intervention

Authors: Omerah Ampang, Monera Salic-Hairulla, Nico Fritz Brioso, and Mojahid Yusoph

Assessment on the Health Status among evacuees of Marawi siege: Basis for planning health program

Authors: Amnaisa Baulo, Ainon Mardiya Diator, Alysha Madane, Monera Salic-Hairulla, and Muhammad Puting

 Problem Solving Models: Effects on the Problem-Solving Skills among Grade 8 Learners

Authors: Raph Jerson Managing and Amelia Buan

 Lesson Study Approach in Teaching Soil Using the 7E Learning Cycle Model

Authors: Dan Menard Aguaviva, Rayhan Ambol, Jean Lou Laborte, Monera Salic-Hairulla, Edna Nabua

van Hiele Levels of Geometric Understanding and Mathematics Anxiety of Grade 10 Learners: Inputs for a Summer Camp Proposal

Authors: Rovic Perocho, Clarissa Jamora, and Douglas Salazar

Development of a Game-based learning instruction on Human Reproductive System

Authors: Nur-Azna Laguindab, Vanessa Jane Pacarat, Crisal May Patayon, and Monera Salic-Hairulla

Cooperative Learning Pedagogy: An investigation of the Effectiveness to the Content Literacy in Assessment of DTTE Students

Authors: Kayce Maye, Michelle Dapanas, Osuardo Pabatang Jr., Adelfa Silor, Julie Vie Iglesia, Shadd Lois Sadernas, and Maria Joanna Tagalog

Fabrication of Mechanical Paper Shredder

Authors: Vanesa Zabala, Osuardo Pabatang Jr., Joehoney Macaraeg, Yolanda Garcia, Janice Vertudez, Julie Ann Bungabong, Arjay Labunog, and Robert Petalcorin

Implicit Beliefs of Teaching Ability Influence Job Embeddedness as mediated by Perma model

Authors: Geraldine Go, Imelu Mordeno, Michaela Hubahib, Jonathan Generalao, and Mark Kevin Amarille

 Perceived Effect of Virtual Reality Headset on Student’s Dancing Performance

Authors: Rimarc Valencia, Centhony Amil, and Harlyn Mae Ompoc

 Wellness Advocacy for the Elderly of Iligan City

Authors: Junah Nagba and Corazon Biong

 Exploring the Educational Values of Averrhoa bilimbi (Kamias)

Authors: Avril Joy Ramayan and Charess Goles

 The role of Extracurricular Activities to MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology College of Education’s Student Personalities

Authors: Kayce Maye Michelle Dapanas, Osuardo Pabatang Jr., Sheila Marie Daguisonan, Dhayana Luman, and Shaira Micah Pacas

 The New Normal: Issues of E-Learning using Synchronous and Asynchronous Modalities

Authors: Princesita Timonera and Ciedelle Grageda

 The Effects of Kinesio Tape on a Spasmed Muscle in the Hamstrings

Authors: Lea May Bariso, Ella Joan Mendoza, and Rovie Gretchel Bucad

Students’ Choice for a Graduate School in Home Economics

Authors: Vanessa Zabala and Roxan Consolacion

All accepted papers in the conference will be published in electronic proceedings. The selected full paper will be invited to publish in the Journal of Education, Khon Kaen University (Tier 2 indexed by TCI) as a special issue.

 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amelia T. Buan, dean of the College of Education emphasized in her message as co-host, “The importance of cross-country partnership in exploring pedagogies to promote digital citizenship among our students”. In light of its partnership with the faculty of education Khon Kaen University, Thailand to co-host this year’s conference, Dr. Buan looks forward to a lasting active collaboration with Khon Kaen University in years to come.

ICER 2020 has become an annual event for CED faculty and students to participate that enables them to connect to international research communities for the worldwide dissemination and exchange of ideas in the field of education. True to its commitment to, CED continues to make research that will contribute to the pool of knowledge in the field of education and expanding its linkages worldwide.