by Jun Karren V. Caparoso

Recognizing the significant contribution of its constituents to the achievements of the College for the academic year is one of the highlights of the 36th foundation week celebration of the College of Education.  Included in the roster of awardees are faculty members and students who have either presented or published papers in reputable academic fora and journals, students who topped in the most recent Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), and students with outstanding academic and practicum performances during the previous semesters.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze are the categories for this year’s award for faculty researchers. Publishing or presenting one to two papers in a journal/conference entitles a faculty a “Bronze Award”, three to four publications/paper presentations a “Silver Award”, and five or more publications/paper presentations a “Gold Award”. 

The Gold Awardees for both publication and paper presentation are Dr. Imelu G. Mordeno, Dr. Amelia T. Buan, and Dr. Monera A. Salic-Hairulla. Joneil B. Medina is also a Gold awardee for his paper presentations.

Dr. Ruben L. Abucayon, Metrobank Foundation Inc.’s Outstanding Teacher of the Philippines in 2007 (now Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos) is also recognized for being one of the recipients of the 2019 Award for Continuing Excellence and Service (ACES). The ACES is given by Metrobank Foundation to its awardees who continuously excel in the performance of their respective duties/profession. 

Ms. Clarissa Dumas Jamora, Bachelor of Secondary Education graduate, is recognized for placing 10th during the September 2019 LET. Sonny Boy O. Gabule II (BEED Eng), Omera M. Ampang (BSED Bio), Meliza S. Toraja (BSED Chem), Annabelle Joy Cimafranca (BSED General Science), and Norhanih C. Casan (BSED Math) are also given special citation for being Outstanding Practice Teachers. 

Dr. Lydie D. Paderanga, former Dean of the College and the current Vice President of Christ the King College in Maranding warmly graced the occasion as keynote speaker. She happily recalled the many milestones of the college (which she has been a witness to) and challenged everyone to continue working harder. Retired faculty members and former administrators of the college, who in one way or another have contributed to make CED vibrant and strong for the last 36 years, were also present during the event. 

This event is another way of encouraging and inspiring the College constituents to conduct, present, and publish more scholarly studies and to always do better service to the Institute.