College of Economics, Business and Accountancy

Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives


An internationally recognized economics, business and accountancy school in Mindanao


Nurture highly competent, innovative, values-centered, and socially and environmentally responsible business professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders who will contribute to the sustainable and inclusive development of Mindanao and the country

Goals and Objectives

  • Quality outcomes-based and meaningful learning experiences that mold students to be competent global citizens
  • Competent teaching and non-teaching staff who uphold life-long learning and embody the University core values of accountability, commitment, excellence, transparency, integrity, teamwork, and participation
  • Relevant and impactful collaborative research engagements that shape business practice and public policy on sustainable development
  • Empowered and self-reliant communities in Mindanao utilizing innovations and knowledge and technology transfers through collaborative and multi stakeholder engagements
  • Strong partnerships with stakeholders in innovation, technology utilization, and sustainable entrepreneurial and other undertakings
  • Enhanced services, facilities, and infrastructure through continual resource generation, in partnership with the University, alumni, and other organizations