Brief History

The College of Computer Studies (CCS) was formally established through Special Order 511 IIT Series of 2002, Implementing Rules and Regulations for BOR Resolution Number 392 Series of 2002 Authorizing the Operationalization of the Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTC) on October 3, 2002. A month later, on November 6, 2002, an Officer-in-Charge was appointed to oversee its operations.

Organizationally, the School of Computer Studies is one of three (3) units that fan out of the Office of the Information and Communication Technology Center, the others being Computer Facilities and Support Services (CFSS), commonly known as the Computer Center and Office for Client Services (OCS).

The Information and Communication Technology Center, School of Computer Studies included, was created to coordinate and focus IT activities in order to minimize costs as well as maximize benefits from the synergy of the various program components that would significantly contribute to a successful IT programs, among others. Under SCS, the various programs were Computer Science and Computer Applications from the College of Engineering, Information Technology from the College of Business Administration and Accountancy, and Electronics Engineering Technology from the School of Engineering Technology. These departments were virtually removed from their mother units to form SCS, not without misgivings from them. But whatever was lost to the unit concerned was to be the Institute’s gain as we hoped to see the benefits to a more focused implementation of the IT programs.