by Celesamae Vicente, CCS

WITH MSU-IIT’s thrust in being in sync with the updates and practices from the industry, the FAB LAB Mindanao, College of Computer Studies, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension hosted an Industry Lecture on Agile Project Management on November 8, 2019 at the Premier Research Institute of Science and Mathematics.

Mr. Genesis Alegata, CCS alumnus and Head of the Business Development and Sales of Senti AI, conducted a lecture on techniques that the Industry is using now in delivering IT projects to the clients. According to Alegata, with the advancement and fast-paced demands in the Industrial space, iterative and incremental approaches in delivering requirements throughout a project life cycle is the way to go in order to compete and stay relevant in the market. 

Alegata emphasized that Agile Project Management Philosophy is not a methodology but it is a change of mindset that can utilize a lot of methodologies such as the Scrum, and Kanban. 

Different from the traditional software development life cycle which sticks to what was set at the beginning of the project, Agile is adaptive and is responsive to changes as they quickly come up. There is continuous involvement of the client, developers, and  stakeholders throughout the development life cycle, said Alegata

IT Department Chair, Assistant Professor Mia Amore C. Tinam-isan concluded the activity with the challenge to continually improve our skill sets, acquire more knowledge and grow together as IT Project Managers through continually conducting activities such as the industry lecture. 

The activity was attended by more than 200  faculty members, researchers, CCS alumni and students, representatives from local IT companies,  and students from ICI.