by Ian S. Embradura, OPI

CCP’s “Weaving Mindanao’s Triumph of Life” performed in IIT

In partnership with IIT’s Cultural Development Office (CDO), the Cultural Exchange Department of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) brought the Mindanao Collaborative Production, a spectacle of performances at the Institute Gymnasium in the Ugnayan ng Sining: Community Performances and Exchange Tours on September 4, 2015.

Entitled Panaghabi: Weaving Mindanao’s Triumph of Life, the tour showcased “selected folklore of Mindanao” and was written “to capitalize on the capacities of the performing groups,” explained Hobart P. Savior, the director of the show.

CCP’s “Weaving Mindanao’s Triumph of Life” performed in IIT

Mindanao’s Moro and Lumad peoples were represented in a combination of musical and visual spectacle directed by Savior who is the present Director of the Xavier University Culture and Arts Office.

During the opening program Ms. Agnes M. Clerigo-Maingat said “MSU-IIT has always been at the forefront of cultural development” referring to the Institute’s hosting of this recent cultural event. Maingat is the Supervising Tourism Officer and the Chairman of the Diyandi Festival 2015.

Chosen by CCP, the Mindanao Collaborative Production featured Bayang Barrios and five performing groups in Mindanao: RMMC Teatro Ambahanon (Gen. Santos City), MSU Kabpapagariya Ensemble (Gen. Santos City), Mebuyan (Davao), Helubong Cultural Troupe (Lake Sebu), MSU Sining Kambayoka Ensemble (Marawi City) and Bayang Barrios.

CCP’s “Weaving Mindanao’s Triumph of Life” performed in IIT

The Ugnayan ng Sining is just the first of the several cultural shows more in store by the Cultural Development Office that IIT’s students will be able to enjoy for free.

The Mindanao Collaborative Production Tour is set to be held in General Santos City on September 8 and Tagum City on September 11.

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