By Stephen C. Fajardo

Society Offices

The College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) prepares for its Level II Accreditation with a major make-over of its buildings and facilities.

Full renovation of buildings, set to be completed in the first semester, started in summer this year after 5 classrooms were repaired.

The new Student Lounge

Plans include the division and conversion of a student lounge into 4 offices for 4 college student organizations: the Junior Economic Society (JES), Junior Entrepreneurial Marketing Society (JEMS), Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA), and the Office for the College Publication (Sindaw).

The College Executive Council (CBAA-EC) will continue to occupy its office beside the converted student lounge. The lounge will be relocated to the vacant lot fronting the College Library.

The renovations will enhance the environment of learning in the college to be ensured by a strong faculty and a supportive staff and student body. The CBAA, expectedly, will gain the imprimatur of its Accreditation and look forward to complementing the “world class” vision of the MSU-IIT.

Topics : accreditation