by Alexandria Sumagang and Christian Rey Cloma

March 14, 2019, Friday — The College of Business Administration and Accountancy had recently conducted its leadership development workshop at the Cassalida Theater carrying the theme “Discovering one’s potential to lead: How to master self towards transformational leadership”, joined  and led by two invited respectable trainers/speakers from Future by Design Pilipinas, an established learning network pioneering the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations in the Philippines.

Guest speakers of the event include the founder and Chief Engagement Officer of the aforementioned organization, with her background as a communications and development practitioner, Ms. Ana Margarita “Miren” Sanchez, along with her fellow co-founder and Chief Learning Designer, Prof. Juan A. Kanapi, Jr., Ph.D. In addition, the event was attended and participated by chosen managers and executives from different institutions within the city.

With the hopes of gathering diverse individuals who currently play significant roles in their distinct organizations and fusing them to come together through a relevant conversation, the topics and series of activities brought up in the event helped the participants find meaning in everything they see, think and feel as oneself and as a labeled leader. During the session, theories and concepts that are held to be of the utmost importance to leadership formation and development were introduced which includes:

  • 5-Point Circle: A Womb for Co-Creation — an art hosting process/framework.
  • Filters To Communication by William Pfeiffer
  • A Simple Analogy for Understanding the Difference Between Management and Leadership
  • Appreciative Inquiry (Ai), Co-created by David Cooperrider, Ph.D. and Suresh Srivasiva, Ph.D. — an evidence-based inquiry that selectively seeks to locate, highlight and illuminate the life-giving forces of an individual, group or organization.
  • Kantor’s Four Player System — comprising of four conversational actions within a team, focusing on the dynamics of four different roles – movers, followers, opponents, and bystanders.

To incite both self and team engagement,  a multitude of interesting and engaging recreational activities were provided with one notable activity when participants were asked to create a symbol that could best represent one’s leadership style by utilizing the provided clay doh,  followed by a group sharing of their outputs allowing them to express oneself through words. Some of the most conspicuous symbols were made up of a hand, rock, stamp, circle, hammer and a heart.  Highlighting one major skill a leader must possess, the activity allowed the participants to enhance one’s capacity to listen and understand therefore for effective communication. The succeeding activities involve the writing of individual lifelines, life vision, and classification of leadership style (according to Kantor’s Four Player System) by group followed by reporting. For all its worth, the event created an avenue for every practitioner from multiple disciplines to internally acknowledge their accomplishments, look back to the past while thoughtfully connecting the dots, and most importantly host a meaningful conversation to different individuals as a means to open new ways of doing things beneficial to the society as a whole.

Before officially closing, the speakers carried out a silent meditation as a way to gratefully mark the ending of the session where all attendees were to asked close to their eyes and focus only to their breathing allowing them to absorb every happening of the day, with the sound of the bell as a conclusion.

Topics : CBAA  Transformational Leadership