by Gilceline Dingding

CBAA conducted an extension program on “Needs Assessment Workshop for Selected Barangay Officials in Iligan City” last July 28, 2017 at Unde Hall, CBAA Building, MSU-IIT, Iligan City. The said program aimed to provide a space for open and active discussion about problems and issues surrounding the different barangays in Iligan City and to identify possible solutions for remediation and mitigation. One of the areas of concern is to learn more about good assessment practices. It is purposely implemented to assess and find solutions to their identified issues and problems.

Barangay captains, secretaries, and other officials coming from the selected different barangays of Iligan City constituted the participants of the workshop. Many barangays were invited; however, only four responded. These barangays were the following: Del Carmen, Sto. Rosario, Saray, and Santiago. All four barangays were tapped as participating barangays of the workshop.

The program was formally started with an opening remarks given by the Dean of CBAA, Dr. Polaus M. Bari. He emphasized in his message that the main reason for conducting the said workshop is to assess the problems and needs of the different barangays, as well as to provide possible remedial actions for development. He pointed out that their problems and needs were the subject matter of the discussion. 

After which, Dr. Pamela Resurreccion, MBM Coordinator, discussed through a PowerPoint presentation the McKinsey 7S Model. Seven (7) elements were highlighted in the presentation, namely: Strategy, Structure, System, Shared Values, Skills, Style, and Staff. Thus, they were clearly defined and explicated in her presentation.

During the Workshop Output Processing and the Open Forum, the participants were asked to present their problems and needs for evaluation and discussion. Many questions were raised to address the identified problems and needs of the different barangays. In fact, it is beneficial to note that Dr. Puting, the University Physician, is willing to help or assess anything related to medical matters.

As to the Closing remarks, Asst. Prof. Beatriz Fina Canedo, CBAA Assistant Dean, expressed her thanks and gratitude to the participants for their cooperation and for responding positively. 

Topics : Assessment  Workshop  Extension  Barangays