CON completes three-part webinar series

CON completes three-part webinar series

by Dani G. Ortega, CON

The College of Nursing on May 28, 2021 completed the last of its three part webinar series on Optimizing the Value of Clinical Nursing Practice in the New Normal Transition.

The three part event was done in collaboration with the MSU-Marawi Main Campus and was conducted via Zoom meeting on May 15, 21, and 28, 2021.

Series 1 of the webinar was on Mental Health Training and had Argie Jamaica Rivera, DPN, MAN, RN as guest speaker, a Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at the Mohave Mental Health Clinic in Arizona, USA.

Rivera gave a thorough lecture about Psychopharmacology and Nursing Assessment in Psychiatry, sharing her experience as part of her initiative that she started early this year for constitutions in the Philippines, to assist Nurse Educators in terms of Related Learning Experiences.

Series 2 covered Care of Orthopedic Patients in the New Normal Setting and had, Christian Joshua Ruiz, RN as the resource person, a 2017 CON alumnus and currently a nurse practitioner at the Makati Medical Center.

Ruiz stressed the importance of having a good nursing foundation, developing that good clinical eye and coming up with a comprehensive Nursing Assessment when caring for patients.

Series 3 focused on Optimizing the Value of Clinical Nursing Practice: Neurological Nursing and had Anna Mae T. Maglinte, RN as guest speaker, a CON Alumna, and Clinical Practice Educator of The Princess Alexandra Hospital, UK.

Maglinte in her lecture shared interesting facts learned during this pandemic, of nurses and the nursing profession in that the presence of well supported and adequately trained staff is now seen as one of the most important resources in a health organization.

She compelled everyone in the profession to honor their contribution as a profession, by always striving for excellence in the practice of nursing using reflection and to always take care of one’s well-being through self-compassion and compassionate leadership.

Maglinte added that with the right impetus, nurses can step up to fill the gaps in the system, can be drivers of innovative change in the organization and the profession, and are capable of transforming the processes to meet the current demands.

The successful three-part Webinar Series was headed by CON’s Dr. Mae-Lanie O. Poblete, and along with other CON faculty, it was organized and conducted for the benefit of third year CON students taking up Psychiatric Nursing.

The extensive three part Webinar Series also had other CON nursing students in attendance and was also shared via Facebook livestream and in CON’s Webinar Series page.

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Academic Awardees of BS Nursing in the First Semester of AY 2020-2021

Academic Awardees of BS Nursing in the First Semester of AY 2020-2021

by Fesanmie D. Amarillo

COVID 19 has changed the landscape of the academic setting as it posed new challenges in the academic world, and Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) is not an exemption to this predicament. Nevertheless, MSU-IIT is committed to honing students to excel in their chosen field and the College of Nursing (CON) takes pride to students who are pursuing excellence in their academics despite the current situation. During these unprecedented times of pandemic, students must cope with a lot of stress and among these stressors is the transition from face-to-face to online classes.

Regardless of the situation, some Nursing students did exceptionally well. Their efforts and hard work paid off in the first semester of academic year 2020-2021 as their names were included in the Academic scholars list with a general average grade (GPA) of at least 1.75 which entitled them of free tuition and monthly stipend (Rizal’s Excellence Awardee receives a monthly stipend of Php 2,000, Chancellor’s Excellence Awardee receives a monthly stipend of Php 1,300 and Dean’s Excellence Awardee receives a monthly stipend of Php 500)

Below is the list of students who performed well in their academics.

Rizal’s Excellence Awardee

(With a GPA of 1.00 to 1.20)

Student NameYear LevelTotal UnitsGrade Point Average
Barquez, Angel Marie B.2241.15625
Egao, Vanessa Jones C.3261.16346
Cabañog, Karl Michael E.2241.17708
Banding, Cydric N.2241.19792

Chancellor’s Excellence Awardee

(With a GPA of 1.21 to 1.45)

Student NameYear LevelTotal UnitsGrade Point Average
Egam, Marielle Katherine E.2241.20833
Gambito, Lorraine Olive R.2241.22917
Babia, Dwight Pasteur T.2241.23958
Exshan, Mohammad Qayyam A.2241.23958
Malubay, Kryshann Mar C.2241.23958
Tiongco, RikkaAnjela C.2241.23958
Basan, Anjela D.1241.25000
Honghong, Ma. Lucy Rose T.3261.25000
Largo, Janine B.3261.25000
Sialana, Czequinnah V.2241.25000
Sumaylo, Dg Franz Ceasarius S.1241.25000
Chua, Ritsley Jean O.2241.26042
Lopez, Kimberly H.1241.26042
Mangandog, Milanie M.2241.26042
Pandapatan, Hamima A.2241.26042
Clamonte, Charish Jay L.3261.26923
Razo, Carl Michael B.3261.26923
Balsomo, Teresa D.2241.27083
Camama, Farhana A.2241.27083
Pamplona, Kenneth G.2241.27083
Tagalog, Ma. Joyce April P.2241.27083
Parian, Mary Grace V.2241.28125
Salva, Jan Mariene B.1241.28125
Ambor, Hamid C.3261.28846
Legaspino, Heavenly  D.3261.28846
Hairulla, Nurbaiyina S.2241.29167
Nacion, Angelo David S.1241.29167
Tabada, Jerrymiah A.2241.29167
Campos, Axll Ross A.1241.30208
Dargantes, Milannie Y.2241.30208
Logronio, Kyle Nilsen F.2241.30208
Pango, Nurol-Ainah P.2241.30208
Polangi, Hannah A.1241.30208
Usman, Rahila D.1241.30208
Suarez, Elijah Nikk Chloe S.3261.30769
Allonar, Kate Honey Paige D.2241.31250
Englatiera, Wynne Erica P.2241.31250
EscasiÑAs, Ma. Arvie Joyce T.2241.31250
Estorba, Dyan Ray P.2241.31250
Gabe, Mary Danielle I.2241.31250
Luardo, YuviRociandel M.2241.31250
Makiling, John Edward E.2241.31250
Muksan, Diana Jane B.2241.31250
PeÑAs, Angel Juliet D.2241.31250
Penserga, Maria Christina M.1241.31250
Resurreccion, Juis Dale S.2241.31250
Sedero, Danielle Ann L.2241.31250
Tumog, Princess Hannan I.2241.31250
Luza, Karl Marlu B.3261.31731
Udalve, Clarence Keith P.3261.31731
Usman, NehamSherimah A.3261.31731
Edrozo, Nicolle Louie J.2241.32292
Gerodias, Aylaree Bianca N.2241.32292
Gumama, Hanna L.2241.32292
Nacario, JeaMaikuh T.2241.32292
Sibe, Isabella Marie R.1241.32292
Andale, Mary Junnette B.3261.32692
Cortina, Alexandra C.3261.32692
DasmariÑAs, QyaraMarnel P.3261.32692
Alcular, Alta Xylene V.1241.33333
Ano-Os, Raiza Nymph M.2241.33333
Galceran, Khlenth B.1241.33333
Gilos, Catherine Mae A.1241.33333
Jalova, Jana Patricia P.2241.33333
Labajo, Angel R.2241.33333
Pelletero, Zairah C.2241.33333
Rabago, Sheena Vivien B.2241.33333
Sinday, Camille C.2241.33333
Magsalay, Farina J.3261.33654
Mangomayao, Rogeimar Claire P.3261.33654
Salimbagat, Christine P.3261.33654
Abad, Missy M.1241.34375
Badelles, MariecarAntonette C.2241.34375
Diego, Alexandrea H.2241.34375
Legaspino, Myreq Faith P.2241.34375
Mangotara, AlyannahRaifah B.2241.34375
Patayon, Christian R.2241.34375
PleÑOs, Anika R.2241.34375
Torres, Donetta Mae R.1241.34375
Belitor, JazhelKeren P.3261.34615
Encinares, Theresa Claire P.3261.34615
Generalao, Angelito Iii L.3261.34615
Manalocon, SittieShaina D.3261.34615
Noor, Nadine A.3261.34615
Tejero, Angelica M.3261.34615
Tuante, Jewel Muriel E.3261.34615
Dela Cruz, Joshua Terone A.1241.35417
Estrada, Lis Lee D.1241.35417
Padillos, Jelea Amor L.2241.35417
Requino, Jasper Neil M.2241.35417
Basan, Lestyll D.3261.35577
Congreso, Angelou Joefred N.3261.35577
Tero, Naomie Jane C.3261.35577
Alicando, Mariel Joy C.1241.36458
Engracia, Marie Kei V.2241.36458
Pendang, Yhannie D.2241.36458
Ducao, Julienne Em D.3261.36538
Tumanda, Valerie T.3261.36538
Velayo, Liezel Grace F.3261.36538
Jaculan, AnnadaleJahneen R.2241.37500
Jonaid, Nor-Aine B.2241.37500
Laude, Trexie Mae P.2241.37500
Lorejo, Edjul P.1241.37500
Pactol, Ma. Kristine Fel F.2241.37500
Arumpac, Zicha Celine V.3261.38462
Macmod, AyessaAlyza B.3261.38462
Portugaleza, Nicole Denise D.3261.38462
Clamotcha, Michelle Kaye A.2241.38542
Mosquera, Carole Jane C.2241.38542
OpeÑA, Christine Joyce B.2241.38542
Perez, Jose Reynaldo Ii O.2241.38542
Salada, Humphrey Dale D.2241.38542
Tapia, Hannah Crizyl P.2241.38542
Aquino, JessaJireh B.3261.39423
Basa, Steven Benj A.3261.39423
Buyante, James Brandon C.3261.39423
Fernandez, John Pearl A.3261.39423
Ortiz, John Paul L.3261.39423
Balagulan, Alglen Rose D.1241.39583
Degayo, Lex Angelia E.1241.39583
Doroy, Diane Zhegrid C.2241.39583
Macas, Precious Jean M.2241.39583
Manosa, Sophia M.2241.39583
Pasague, Jonainah A.2241.39583
Penaso, Nathanielle Keith S.2241.39583
Sodoso, Wench Ryechelle B.2241.39583
Suarez, Neil Michael E.3281.40179
Echeveria, Kristine Joy C.3261.40385
Ligutom, Zaijean Kate Dianne A.3261.40385
Salise, Glydel May P.3261.40385
Acodili, KianaKeiron J.2241.40625
Batara, Charlize Noelle A.2241.40625
Dimacangan, Norhania D.2241.40625
Gabule, Edward Jem T.1241.40625
Inso, Keeshia Mae E.2241.40625
Lonoy, Cheska C.2241.40625
Ocampos, Viviene C.2241.40625
Pan, Jella Rose A.2241.40625
Polaos, RajeiveBazeer A.2241.40625
Rasonable, Charlene Joy L.1241.40625
Salcedo, Eric Jr L.2241.40625
Diambangan, Laila B.3281.41071
Baricuatro, RyndelleRizza Q.3261.41346
Baroman, Florence Rose C.3261.41346
Boniao, Rhealyn M.3261.41346
Campo, Roxan Mae H.3261.41346
Interino, HedayaNisah C.3261.41346
Lelis, Ellijoy L.3261.41346
Luardo, DesyrnaKeatrix M.3261.41346
Magrenia, Angelique U.3261.41346
Petiilan, Soukri H.3261.41346
Tumaob, Lealyn A.3261.41346
Barral, Norivy P.2241.41667
Boca, Lester Jade B.2241.41667
Celestial, Bless E.2241.41667
Dela Cruz, Julianne B.2241.41667
Estenzo, Blessyl Mae Q.2241.41667
Ganzon, Vince Milbert S.2241.41667
Lodriguito, Lou Majerly C.2241.41667
Magadan, Nick Louie B.1241.41667
Orpeza, Kissel Marie L.2241.41667
Calit, Janah R.3261.42308
Aldema, Blessie Faith G.1241.42708
Baldago, Abigail R.2241.42708
Carlos, Brendan Scott B.2241.42708
Echavez, Ericka Jamleth L.2241.42708
Gorres, Queenie Marie Angelique R.2241.42708
Layug, Denise Jo-Marie M.2241.42708
MiÑOza, Jhon Cyril B.2241.42708
Openiano, Merle Roselle S.2241.42708
Velez, Aquila Sharray E.2241.42708
Bullianday, Dannah S.3281.42857
Dosdos, Bianca Mikaela F.3261.43269
Gudilos, Reysa Mae S.3261.43269
Robin, Chamelli Ann E.3261.43269
Taib, AzrizaShahanee G.3261.43269
Barrete, Alexander Jules D.2241.43750
Bellezas, Sophia Eulie Mae G.2241.43750
Go, Kenneth Carl S.2241.43750
Lapay, Jan Louis P.1241.43750
Lumasag, Retchel L.1241.43750
Santos, Kathleen B.1241.43750
Suson, Nicole Anne D.3281.43750
Villar, MasergsNiñOTross M.2241.43750
Facunla, Ma.Theresa S.3261.44231

Dean’s Excellence Awardee

(with a GPA of 1.46 to 1.75)

Student NameYear LevelTotal UnitsGrade Point Average
Gerali, Mikaela Gabrielle C.2241.44792
Mananquil, Mary Carmelle B.1241.44792
Mejares, Niel Ian M.2241.44792
Calo, Patricia Marie O.3261.45192
Catane, Miguel Kelly D.3261.45192
Manapsal, Jan Danise R.3261.45192
Pabillaran, Kathleen Louise Ag D.3261.45192
Patron, Reemah C.3261.45192
Bamba, Angela Grace C.3281.45536
Dacillo, Jeannette Richelle C.1241.45833
Jaraba, Josephine Deborah D.2241.45833
Bacsan, Grace P.3261.46154
Macadato, Elham P.3261.46154
Junaid, Manal D.2241.46875
Pajarillo, Jairyl Mae V.2241.46875
Salonoy, Mae Rosarie M.1241.46875
Astillero, Shayne Hope C.3261.47115
Endino, Christian Dave S.3261.47115
Lura, Kristine Joy T.3261.47115
Pragados, Roxette Phoebe N.3261.47115
Socorro, Francis Justin O.3261.47115
Panong, Joan Emari G.2241.47917
Samontina, Kirk Patrick Y.2241.47917
Tayong, Shawn Bruary S.2241.47917
CardiÑO, Cherry Lou C.3261.48077
Estabas, Chyzza Mae B.3261.48077
Reuyan, Russel P.2271.48148
Albaracin, Raquel B.2241.48958
Ancheta, Nicole Asuncion D.2241.48958
Bari, Zulaica A.1241.48958
Corpuz, AljeanCloe Q.2241.48958
Durias, Anjel Kaye L.1241.48958
Gabuyo, Earlyn Nicole M.1241.48958
Gallemit, Justin Patrick W.2241.48958
Sajonia, VeaKathrina P.1241.48958
Toledo, Jolea Mae C.1241.48958
Yurong, AbrylleJara A.2241.48958
Mozar, Alexa Muriel L.3261.49038
Orlanda, Maria Poinsithia A.3261.49038
Reyes, Jhunnelyn B.3261.49038
Araneta, VerniceNiÑA Ii C.1241.50000
Ilustrisimo, Rachel Joy D.2241.50000
Lahaylahay, Vj B.3261.50000
Macabantog, Asmaliah S.2241.50000
Romande, John Carlo A.3261.50000
Ruiz, Ruschelle Tricia B.2241.50000
Sayre, Myrielle Trisha M.2241.50000
Bacason, Parlyn D.3261.50962
DelaCerna, Krisha Mae T.3261.50962
Gallego, Kaye D.3261.50962
Romero, Sheena Mae G.3261.50962
Zubiaga, Arvin E.3261.50962
Aleman, Alvin Jake B.2241.51042
Brozas, AerielDaniella P.1241.51042
Jovellano, Aldrinne Fay R.2241.51042
Penera, Nathan Louise T.1241.51042
Tabil, LianeEna B.2241.51042
Laorden, Myrvic O.3261.51923
Mamoribid, Alia T.3261.51923
Libarnes, Riki Marie A.2241.52083
Sapie, Al-Ashzraff M.1241.52083
Ontoy, Harl Crunchy B.2271.52778
Malubay, Queenie Gail C.3261.52885
Pasagi, SittieReham G.3261.52885
Baran, Janel Grace B.1241.53125
Luza, KyanMarlu B.1241.53125
Portugaleza, Noelle Dawn D.1241.53125
Salisid, John Edward C.1241.53125
Mejia, Paula Jean G.2271.53704
Alcain, Erika Trina E.3261.53846
Compo, Shepherd Kate J.3261.53846
Edullantes, Reiner Jay P.3261.53846
Herrera, Maricel O.3261.53846
Japson, Giovannie Ii A.3261.53846
Jumawan, Eirah Nicole D.3261.53846
Ragmac, Mariaed Sheena J.3261.53846
Tablazon, Polly Jean S.3261.53846
Ancog, Justin Lowel A.2241.54167
Calo, Alyssa Leila A.2241.54167
EdaÑO, McNhill S.1241.54167
EscasiÑAs, Ma. Arvie Faith T.1241.54167
Lasmarias, Patricia Marie A.2181.54167
Villacura, Dulce Ann B.1241.54167
Ampaso, Zairah Nicole D.3261.54808
Hollanes, AibrylleZyrah S.3261.54808
Magangcong, HejiaIzan A.3261.54808
Potoy, Jan Louie A.3261.54808
Siclot, Maria Antoinette C.3261.54808
Aligno, Rizza V.2241.55208
CasiÑO, Bea Cathryn L.2241.55208
Clerigo, Danilo F.1241.55208
Enojales, Amy Bea B.2241.55208
Mejorada, Theodore Vincent M.1241.55208
Flores, Gloria Jean T.3261.55769
Jayme, Hannah Hazel R.3261.55769
Lood, Thrisia Marie O.3261.55769
Requino, Jasmine Nicole M.3261.55769
CaÑEdo, PrillDundreign C.1241.56250
MadroÑAl, Ruby Mae N.2241.56250
Putol, Christine Joyce T.2241.56250
Bagundol, Micka Ella C.3261.56731
Gumahad, KiethMclyle C.3261.56731
Hussain, Fatima Zahra H.3261.56731
Jardenil, Sahara Dawn D.3261.56731
Gomez, Ulygin Amor E.2241.57292
Bagumbaran, Nasrimah R.3261.57692
Musor, JehanNaynah B.3261.57692
Bantug, Alex Mea L.2241.58333
Bernal, Katrina Jerica D.2241.58333
Lagcao, Julia Andreigna L.2241.58333
Macabangkit, Amirah N.2241.58333
Cadalin, Shaina N.3261.58654
Huerbana, Precious D.2241.59375
Dalidig, Abdul Rafi D.3261.59615
Getigan, Airah Jane L.3261.59615
Arquiza, Augustine Kahlil A.2241.60417
Castillano, Kirsten Ela M.1241.60417
Parcon, Johann Aldrin C.1241.60417
Tayong, Rhod Vincent J.1241.60417
Schnaider, Angielle J.3261.60577
Alivio, Marjorie T.2271.61111
Asino, Lauren Jovee S.2241.61458
Llanes, Zeena Rose S.1241.61458
Alinea, Kylemhor Cate P.3261.61538
Abaton, Alyssa Jamaine A.2241.62500
Butalid, Jade Voltaire M.1241.62500
Castillo, Justine Allysa May L.3261.62500
De Los Santos, Patricia Feb G.3261.62500
Flores, Eunice Ericka P.3261.62500
Gapol, Wellanne Rose G.3261.62500
Mindoro, JflerLega Joy L.1241.63542
EnteÑA, Rose Sanfel L.3261.64423
Jariol, Franzeska George R.3261.64423
Andagan, Vincent Guiller E.2241.64583
Balolong, Joelyn Mae S.1241.64583
Bayloces, Kriziah Lynn P.2241.64583
Natividad, Nicole Marie C.1241.64583
Arcilla, Roy Mykel T.3261.65385
DelaCerna, Angel June R.3261.65385
Fortuna, Janine Marian F.3261.65385
Sanchez, Sofia Amoure C.3261.65385
Obedencio, Zyra A.1241.65625
Jiz De Ortega, Mikaela Bernadette L.3261.66346
Ladion, Nicole Jane F.2241.66667
Navarro, Ann Kyle M.1241.66667
Tinggas, Chayrelle T.2191.67105
Pescadero, Zean C.3261.68269
Azcona, Jerfel Joseph E.1241.68750
De Pano, Jan Betrice -.3261.69231
Enguito, Noreen T.3261.69231
Panuncio, Kc Carl B.3261.69231
Wee, Celine Margareth F.1241.70833
Yares, Noreen Michelle Y.3261.71154
Roque, Marc Joseph R.2271.71296
Ouano, James Patrick C.3261.72115
Dale, Zeralyn C.1241.72917
Cuizon, Kit Reynhitz B.3261.73077
Lagunay, Rhea Marie L.3261.73077
Pedros, Emmylou A.3261.73077
Beluan, Claire Jen Austeen V.3261.75000

The College of Nursing is proud of you all!

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3 MSU-IIT CON students’ stories showcase in PNAA Women’s Month Spread

3 MSU-IIT CON students’ stories showcase in PNAA Women’s Month Spread

by Junnette Andale, Vince Milbert Ganzon, Hanna Gumama, Clarence Keith Udalve 

CON Students with the speaker Fiona Armstrong, Founder of Climate and Health Alliance, Melbourne, Australia

Every day, women are driving change and progress around the world. Thus, International Women’s Month, which commences every month of March, is a chance for all of us to take stock and recognize each woman’s value and accomplishments. 

 In line with this event, the Philippine Nurses Association of America celebrates the life of inspirational women in Nursing. As the profession dominated by women who get to grip with the biggest challenge of providing care to millions around the world using the fundamental model of utilizing the head, heart and hand, we are elated to share the impactful work across the globe of few women from the College of Nursing in Mindanao State University—Iligan Institute of Technology, which were featured in Celebrating Women’s Day Volume 9, Issue 2, March 2021 by inside PNAA, the Official Newsletter of PNAA, Inc. Those featured 3rd year Nursing students of MSU-IIT include Nasrimah R. Bagumbaran on pages 17-18, Eirah Nicole D. Jumawan on pages 27-28, and Heavenly D. Legaspino on pages 29-30.

One of the courageous acts that will transform the youth is to speak up and to lead the move, Nasrimah R. Bagumbaran, is an aspiring youth who supports the change in environmental health and in developing resilience from the initiatives and to mitigate climate related threats. 

“Considering that the event was a great opportunity especially to an ordinary woman like me, it proved that nothing is impossible so long as you are determined in reaching your goals.” Nasrimah conveyed.

Through the support of her batchmates and co-officers in her organization, they revived their goal of having the seminar-workshop and clean-up drive for their community, by having a virtual meeting with them. Hopefully their humble act will commence when this pandemic ends.

 Not being a healthcare professional yet did not hinder Eirah Nicole D. Jumawan in taking and maximizing space in the society even as a student-nurse. She participated in the Filipino Nurses Global Summit III and the 12th International Nursing Conference as a scholar. She also contributed her time and efforts to numerous fundraising and donation drives such as the Help Kids Project that aims to provide bond papers for the production of modules that will benefit different schools in Iligan City; donations of pre-loved clothes in collaboration with other student-nurses for the victims of Typhoon Ulysses, and raised Php 2,434 to dog shelters aiming to help neglected dogs at the height of the pandemic.

Jumawan describes her advocacies as multidimensional after her new experiences saying that “It [Advocacy as a nursing student] does not pertain only to health, but also in environmental aspects and social injustice.”

 When asked what her message is to the women of Nursing today, she voices out how both being a woman and a student-nurse rekindled her passion of empowering other female nursing students to learn, take courage and make a difference. She says, “Let us choose to be a  warrior and always remember that we are not just a woman.”

 Heavenly D. Legaspino also participated in the said events and has taken part to the initiative under Kristiyano-Islam Peace Library, Inc (KRIS) of conducting a 3-day webinar, “Kalinaw: Pagtaguyod ng Kapayapaan sa Gitna ng Pandemya” with the aim to educate and inspire the youth to become pillars of peace. Under the same organization, she also spearheaded a webinar last September 27-19, 2020 where health, environment, and peace building relations were the highlights.

 “Health will play a role as a catalyst in the peace process because there is a strong commitment to peace and healing behind it,” says Legaspino on how health helps in the promotion of peace. 

 On being a part of PNAA Women’s Day spread, Legaspino expresses that the event paved the way for a new era of women in Nursing. “As women and Nursing students of today, I presume that we are the forefront of change even in the environmental aspect. We must understand that we need to create an environment that facilitates nature to act upon our patients.”

 “To all the women of Nursing and even those with a heart like hers, let us not limit ourselves in learning because that is all we need to become the future of Nursing,” Legaspino added.

Taking initiative in times of crisis is one of the strengths of this college. Embodied with empathy and skills to make an impact to the people and to have a healthier and safer community.

“I believe that in these small projects, transformative leaders are born, modern day heroes are made, and  great things can be accomplished”, expressed by their chaperone to PNAA, Ms. Mae Lanie Poblete.

“It’s worth celebrating that nursing has become a more inclusive profession without diminishing its core values. We gave tribute to those who came before us, who fought hard to have what we have today.” she added.

 The three CON students were part of the 15 recipients of the PNAA grants given to commendable students who excelled academically and demonstrated a genuine desire to make positive changes in their communities.

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CON concludes three-part webinar series

CON concludes three-part webinar series

by Dani G. Ortega, CON

The College of Nursing concluded on Saturday morning its three-part webinar series on building strong relationships among faculty, staff, students, and parents.

The webinar series wrapped up with Series 3: Navigating Parenting Challenges in the New Normal that was conducted over Zoom and that was live-streamed on Facebook.

College Research and Extension Coordinator, Dr. Mae-Lanie O. Poblete said that the webinar series was created to give participants a breather from the pandemic blues and provide a way for them to learn how to navigate the challenges of the New Normal.

Dr. Poblete explained that the webinar series was also a way for the CON to get feedback from students and their parents so that the college can act on their concerns.

The guest speakers for Series 3 were Dr. Chanell Carcallas-Concepcion, the coordinator of the Program for Leadership Excellence in Nursing (PoLEN) of Silliman University, and Noriko Aizawa, a lecturer from the School of Nursing of Japan’s  Dokkyo Medical University.

Concepcion, who spoke on Developing a Growth Mindset, emphasized the continuous process of examining challenges, as well as one’s thinking, views, and mental outlook. She said that one might not be able to change one’s situation, but one can change the way one thinks and how one looks at a situation.

Aizawa talked about mental health issues and depression and what Japanese Mothers faced during the pandemic.

She presented data that showed a rise in suicide cases in Japan, and pointed out that more people have died from suicide in Japan last month than from Covid-19, and that women have been impacted the most.

Aizawa stated that self-care, social care/network “should be encouraged for mothers/parents and that one should avoid becoming isolated and alone to avoid depression and decrease one’s risk for suicide.”

Building Resilient Communities in the New Normal was the focus of discussion of Series 2 of the webinar that took place on November 28. The speaker was Asst. Prof. Francis Grace Duka-Pante from the College of Education of the University of the Philippines. 

Series 1 that was held on November 21 tackled Self-Care and Healthy Communication, and featured speakers Nurvita Risdiana, MSc and Dr. Falasifah Ani Yuniarti, both from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Indonesia’s Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyokarta.

The webinar series was conceptualized by the CON in an effort to also give needed focus to family and personal needs during the pandemic.

CON Dean Dr. Minnie B. Mamauag said that it was conducted to also “help sustain the resiliency of our very own faculty members who are oftentimes neglected”.

Mamauag added that she hopes “that whatever we all have learned in this webinar series be inculcated and embedded into our hearts as we adjust to whatever is happening right now.”

College of Nursing Webinar Series Kicks Off

College of Nursing Webinar Series Kicks Off

by Dani G. Ortega, CON

The College of Nursing (CON) of MSU-IIT kicked off on November 21, 2020 a webinar series event entitled “CON Building Strong Faculty, Staff, Students and Parents Relationships: A Webinar Series.”

The three-part webinar series that is spearheaded by Assoc. Prof. Mae-lanie O. Poblete and hosted by Asst. Prof. Geraldine S. Ridad opened with Series 1: Self-Care and Healthy Communication.

The webinar series dwells on the current online technology, which includes the various Social Platforms used today, its impact, issues, and challenges to relationships in view of the new normal.

The two guest speakers for Series 1 were Nurvita Risdiana, MSc and Asst. Prof. Falasifah Ani Yuniarti, both from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Indonesia’s Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyokarta.

The guest speakers’ presentations were followed by engaging question and answer portions.

The webinar’s Series 2: Building Resilient Communities in the New Normal is scheduled on November 28, 2020 with guest speaker Asst. Prof. Francis Grace Duka-Pante from the College of Education of the University of the Philippines.

The webinar’s Series 3: Navigating Parenting Challenges in the New Normal is scheduled on December 1, 2020 with two guest speakers, Channel Carcallas-Concepcion, PhD, Coordinator, Program for Excellence in Nursing (PoLEN) of the College of Nursing of Silliman University and Noriko Aizawa, a Lecturer from the College of Nursing of Dokkyo Medical University in Tochigi, Japan.

CON Dean Assoc. Prof. Minnie B. Mamauag said that the webinar series not only focuses on the relationships between students and teachers, but it also covers the community. As student nurses one day will become the future frontliners, there is nothing like a symbiotic relationship that could help achieve that in the most harmonious way.

Photo credits: Assoc. Prof. Abdullah Junior S. Mangarun, CON 

Sagip Piitan project wins at 2nd In-House Review of Extension Programs

Sagip Piitan project wins at 2nd In-House Review of Extension Programs

by Dani G. Ortega, CON

A long-running extension project of the College of Nursing (CON) won the Best Extension Project Award under Cluster B of the September 15, 2020 MSU-IIT 2nd In-House Review of Extension Programs that was held via Google Meet.

The CON will receive P10,000 as cash prize for their winning extension project entitled “’Sagip-Piitan’ Health Care Initiative: Health Lecture Series and Hygiene Kit Project,” a project that addresses health issues in the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) inmates of Iligan City.

Sagip Piitan, which was also awarded a 1,000-Peso consolation prize in the in-house review’s Poster Category,  aims to provide inmates with knowledge about disease prevention and basic human needs to help promote physical health as well as psychosocial health.

The In-House Review of Extension Programs seeks to: (1) assess the quality and impact of extension projects/programs of the Institute in its alignment with the WE CARE framework and its contribution to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals; (2) recognize and make visible the extension practices that work in different partner communities; and (3) provide a space for sharing knowledge, experiences, and expertise in crafting and implementing extension projects and programs.

CON faculty member Asst. Prof. Karen R. Veloso presented the Sagip Piitan extension project for the college during the competition.

On behalf of the CON, Asst. Prof. Veloso expressed thanks to MSU-IIT and the following project partners for their support: BJMP, Road to Serenity Retreat House, MSU-IIT Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension, MSU-IIT Department of Extension, MSU-IIT Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao, MSU-IIT Institute Clinic, City Health Office, Iligan Dental Association, and Amrhiel Pharmacy.

The Sagip Piitan project is headed and implemented by the previous and current Deans of CON – Assoc. Prof. Clowe D. Jondonero, Assoc. Prof. Roselyn M. Butalid, and Dr. Minnie B. Mamauag.

It is also implemented with the help of the CON’s Research and Extension Committee composed of Dr. Mae-Lanie O. Poblete, Asst. Prof. Leah P. Madjus, Assoc. Prof. Jiddo Andrei G. Maranda, Asst. Prof. Rambe C. Ramil, Jr., and Asst. Prof. Neil M. Martin. Other CON faculty and staff members, as well as students, also helped in the project’s implementation.

CON’s current Research and Extension Committee head Dr. Poblete said that the Sagip Piitan project has been around since 2014, with the help of its partner community, and has been conducting activities on a yearly basis.

The CON also entered in the Category A of the in-house review of extension programs another extension project entitled, “ ‘Senior Citizen sa Barangay, Malipayon ug Himsog sa Kanunay’: A Community-Based Senior Citizen Day Care Program in Iligan City. “

This project aims to empower senior citizens in improving their quality of life and to enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitude through a community-based daycare center that will address concerns and issues in all aspects of life: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual.

This project was conducted by Dr. Abdullah Junior S. Mangarun along with Dr. Poblete, Dr. Mamauag, Elvie A. Paler, MAN, RN, Bernie A. Casera, MAN, RN, and Harold L. Chua.

Although the team did not win, Dr. Mangarun said they were happy to participate in the in-house review of extension programs, saying it was a “special privilege.”

*The writer, Dani G. Ortega, is a registered nurse who is currently a lecturer at the College of Nursing. He formerly served as a senior medic of the operations staff of the Emergency Medical Services under the Iligan City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office.