CON concludes three-part webinar series

CON concludes three-part webinar series

by Dani G. Ortega, CON

The College of Nursing concluded on Saturday morning its three-part webinar series on building strong relationships among faculty, staff, students, and parents.

The webinar series wrapped up with Series 3: Navigating Parenting Challenges in the New Normal that was conducted over Zoom and that was live-streamed on Facebook.

College Research and Extension Coordinator, Dr. Mae-Lanie O. Poblete said that the webinar series was created to give participants a breather from the pandemic blues and provide a way for them to learn how to navigate the challenges of the New Normal.

Dr. Poblete explained that the webinar series was also a way for the CON to get feedback from students and their parents so that the college can act on their concerns.

The guest speakers for Series 3 were Dr. Chanell Carcallas-Concepcion, the coordinator of the Program for Leadership Excellence in Nursing (PoLEN) of Silliman University, and Noriko Aizawa, a lecturer from the School of Nursing of Japan’s  Dokkyo Medical University.

Concepcion, who spoke on Developing a Growth Mindset, emphasized the continuous process of examining challenges, as well as one’s thinking, views, and mental outlook. She said that one might not be able to change one’s situation, but one can change the way one thinks and how one looks at a situation.

Aizawa talked about mental health issues and depression and what Japanese Mothers faced during the pandemic.

She presented data that showed a rise in suicide cases in Japan, and pointed out that more people have died from suicide in Japan last month than from Covid-19, and that women have been impacted the most.

Aizawa stated that self-care, social care/network “should be encouraged for mothers/parents and that one should avoid becoming isolated and alone to avoid depression and decrease one’s risk for suicide.”

Building Resilient Communities in the New Normal was the focus of discussion of Series 2 of the webinar that took place on November 28. The speaker was Asst. Prof. Francis Grace Duka-Pante from the College of Education of the University of the Philippines. 

Series 1 that was held on November 21 tackled Self-Care and Healthy Communication, and featured speakers Nurvita Risdiana, MSc and Dr. Falasifah Ani Yuniarti, both from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Indonesia’s Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyokarta.

The webinar series was conceptualized by the CON in an effort to also give needed focus to family and personal needs during the pandemic.

CON Dean Dr. Minnie B. Mamauag said that it was conducted to also “help sustain the resiliency of our very own faculty members who are oftentimes neglected”.

Mamauag added that she hopes “that whatever we all have learned in this webinar series be inculcated and embedded into our hearts as we adjust to whatever is happening right now.”

College of Nursing Webinar Series Kicks Off

College of Nursing Webinar Series Kicks Off

by Dani G. Ortega, CON

The College of Nursing (CON) of MSU-IIT kicked off on November 21, 2020 a webinar series event entitled “CON Building Strong Faculty, Staff, Students and Parents Relationships: A Webinar Series.”

The three-part webinar series that is spearheaded by Assoc. Prof. Mae-lanie O. Poblete and hosted by Asst. Prof. Geraldine S. Ridad opened with Series 1: Self-Care and Healthy Communication.

The webinar series dwells on the current online technology, which includes the various Social Platforms used today, its impact, issues, and challenges to relationships in view of the new normal.

The two guest speakers for Series 1 were Nurvita Risdiana, MSc and Asst. Prof. Falasifah Ani Yuniarti, both from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Indonesia’s Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyokarta.

The guest speakers’ presentations were followed by engaging question and answer portions.

The webinar’s Series 2: Building Resilient Communities in the New Normal is scheduled on November 28, 2020 with guest speaker Asst. Prof. Francis Grace Duka-Pante from the College of Education of the University of the Philippines.

The webinar’s Series 3: Navigating Parenting Challenges in the New Normal is scheduled on December 1, 2020 with two guest speakers, Channel Carcallas-Concepcion, PhD, Coordinator, Program for Excellence in Nursing (PoLEN) of the College of Nursing of Silliman University and Noriko Aizawa, a Lecturer from the College of Nursing of Dokkyo Medical University in Tochigi, Japan.

CON Dean Assoc. Prof. Minnie B. Mamauag said that the webinar series not only focuses on the relationships between students and teachers, but it also covers the community. As student nurses one day will become the future frontliners, there is nothing like a symbiotic relationship that could help achieve that in the most harmonious way.

Photo credits: Assoc. Prof. Abdullah Junior S. Mangarun, CON 

Sagip Piitan project wins at 2nd In-House Review of Extension Programs

Sagip Piitan project wins at 2nd In-House Review of Extension Programs

by Dani G. Ortega, CON

A long-running extension project of the College of Nursing (CON) won the Best Extension Project Award under Cluster B of the September 15, 2020 MSU-IIT 2nd In-House Review of Extension Programs that was held via Google Meet.

The CON will receive P10,000 as cash prize for their winning extension project entitled “’Sagip-Piitan’ Health Care Initiative: Health Lecture Series and Hygiene Kit Project,” a project that addresses health issues in the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) inmates of Iligan City.

Sagip Piitan, which was also awarded a 1,000-Peso consolation prize in the in-house review’s Poster Category,  aims to provide inmates with knowledge about disease prevention and basic human needs to help promote physical health as well as psychosocial health.

The In-House Review of Extension Programs seeks to: (1) assess the quality and impact of extension projects/programs of the Institute in its alignment with the WE CARE framework and its contribution to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals; (2) recognize and make visible the extension practices that work in different partner communities; and (3) provide a space for sharing knowledge, experiences, and expertise in crafting and implementing extension projects and programs.

CON faculty member Asst. Prof. Karen R. Veloso presented the Sagip Piitan extension project for the college during the competition.

On behalf of the CON, Asst. Prof. Veloso expressed thanks to MSU-IIT and the following project partners for their support: BJMP, Road to Serenity Retreat House, MSU-IIT Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension, MSU-IIT Department of Extension, MSU-IIT Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao, MSU-IIT Institute Clinic, City Health Office, Iligan Dental Association, and Amrhiel Pharmacy.

The Sagip Piitan project is headed and implemented by the previous and current Deans of CON – Assoc. Prof. Clowe D. Jondonero, Assoc. Prof. Roselyn M. Butalid, and Dr. Minnie B. Mamauag.

It is also implemented with the help of the CON’s Research and Extension Committee composed of Dr. Mae-Lanie O. Poblete, Asst. Prof. Leah P. Madjus, Assoc. Prof. Jiddo Andrei G. Maranda, Asst. Prof. Rambe C. Ramil, Jr., and Asst. Prof. Neil M. Martin. Other CON faculty and staff members, as well as students, also helped in the project’s implementation.

CON’s current Research and Extension Committee head Dr. Poblete said that the Sagip Piitan project has been around since 2014, with the help of its partner community, and has been conducting activities on a yearly basis.

The CON also entered in the Category A of the in-house review of extension programs another extension project entitled, “ ‘Senior Citizen sa Barangay, Malipayon ug Himsog sa Kanunay’: A Community-Based Senior Citizen Day Care Program in Iligan City. “

This project aims to empower senior citizens in improving their quality of life and to enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitude through a community-based daycare center that will address concerns and issues in all aspects of life: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual.

This project was conducted by Dr. Abdullah Junior S. Mangarun along with Dr. Poblete, Dr. Mamauag, Elvie A. Paler, MAN, RN, Bernie A. Casera, MAN, RN, and Harold L. Chua.

Although the team did not win, Dr. Mangarun said they were happy to participate in the in-house review of extension programs, saying it was a “special privilege.”

*The writer, Dani G. Ortega, is a registered nurse who is currently a lecturer at the College of Nursing. He formerly served as a senior medic of the operations staff of the Emergency Medical Services under the Iligan City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office.

CON’s Ridad Wins 3-Min Pitch to Policy-Makers Competition

CON’s Ridad Wins 3-Min Pitch to Policy-Makers Competition

by Dani G. Ortega, CON

College of Nursing faculty member, Asst. Prof. Geraldine Ridad, wins first place in the nationwide 3-Minute Pitch to Policymakers Competition conducted by the DOST-Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) on August 14, 2020. 

Asst. Prof. Ridad bested competitors from colleges and universities representing the different regional health research and development consortia of the Philippines in the contest that was held via Zoom and Facebook Live.

The 3-Minute Pitch to Policymakers Competition, which is in its third year, is a contest conducted by the DOST-PCHRD to help health researchers develop their communication skills and experience in presentation of completed health research studies to policymakers.

Dr. Hazel Anne L. Catublas of the National Capital Region (NCR) won second place while Mr. Michael G. Bacus of Region XI won third place. Dr. Ronell D. dela Rosa of Region III won the People’s Choice Award.

Asst. Prof. Ridad, who represented the Northern Mindanao Consortium for Health Research and Development (NorMinCoHRD) of Region X, also won P30,000 for pitching the research project entitled, “Project DiabEHT: An Approach to Improve Self-Care Management of Diabetes”. 

The research project aims to increase diabetes patients’ confidence in managing their diabetes.

It has three components: (1) Weekly support group activities and lecture series on diabetes; (2) Installation and use of the DiabEHT mobile app; and (3) Diabooth in the health center.

The research study looked into how health care professionals and the government can take advantage of technology and the popularity of smartphones and integrating these into patient care.

Asst. Prof. Ridad, in her 3-minute pitch, urged the consideration of the integration of and improvement of Project DiabEHT in government programs to beat diabetes.

Asst. Prof. Ridad conducted the research study with three CON students (Val Clinton Sisi-Maybituin, Carlito Yana-Bella, Jr., and Karla Mae Rivera-Canete); one faculty member from the College of Computer Studies (Asst. Prof. Erik Louwe Rauto-Sala); and an Information Technology graduate of the Institute, Omar Khayyam Mackno-Usman.

College of Nursing holds 1st Health Sciences Forum 2013

College of Nursing holds 1st Health Sciences Forum 2013

By Alexander B. Calago

The MSU-IIT College of Nursing (CON) held its 1st Health Sciences Forum 2013 with the theme “Meeting the Challenges of Advancing Nursing administration and Enhancing Patient Care Management” on July 11, 2013 at the CON Hall.

The forum aimed to address the perennial problems encountered by nurses, patients and other health care professionals in the delivery and administration of health care services.

This year, the forum presented two graduate studies in nursing administration and another two in medical surgical nursing: “The Level of Knowledge of Ward Nurses on the Nursing Process and their Clinical Role Performance as Perceived by their Patients by Prof. Art Brian S. Escabarte; “Cultural Barriers and Level of Acceptance on the Administration of Child Health Care Services among Badjau Parents in Iligan City” by Prof. John Paul Ben T. Silang; “Employees’ Health-Promoting Lifestyles as Predictors of Health and Well-being in a State University of Northern Mindanao” by Prof. Khandy Lorraine B. Guerrero-Apsay; and, “Degree of Suspicion of Peripheral Artery Diseases of MSU-IIT Employees” by Prof. Jan Igor T. Galinato.

The College Research Executive Committee (CREC) headed by Prof. Gloria Shiela E. Coyoca, established the framework of the forum with the support of the CON faculty, staff, and students. The event was attended by the CON students. The keynote speaker, Prof. Roselyn S. Pacardo of Adventist Medical College talked enthusiastically on exploring current trends in international nursing research.

CON Dean, Prof. Clowe D. Jondonero said, “with its success in its inceptive stage, this annual event will serve as a an avenue for research enthusiasts, health care professionals, clients and community people to meet halfway in a forum that would present recent discoveries and evidenced-based-findings that essentially matters to health.”

“In 2014, Dean Jondonero added, the forum will become bi-annual and levelled up. See you in March 2014 for the 2nd Health Sciences Forum in a Regional Level.”

The Keynote Speaker Prof. Roselyn M. Pacardo with Prof. Gloria Shiela E. Coyoca and Prof. Roselyn M. Butalid.

The Plenary Speakers (L-R) Prof. John Paul Ben T. Silang, Prof. Khandy Lorriane B. Guerrero-Apsay, Prof. Art Brian S. Escabarte, and Prof. Jan Igor T. Galinato together with Prof. Roselyn M. Pacardo (center), Prof. Gloria Shiela E. Coyoca (in yellow poloshirt) and Prof. Roselyn M. Butalid (rightmost).

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