Students of the College of Arts and Social Sciences are also known as the Arachnids who favor the color green. Green, being the color of nature, balance, life, and growth, an Arachnid does not fit anywhere better than in CASS. In CASS, a student is taught to learn the Zen needed in real life. As students grow in a changing society, they come to understand the human in them. Shaped by the real master of transformation – humanity – an Arachnid knows how to build a web and when to leave it.

Student life in CASS offers a combination of fun under the sun and learning inside and outside the classroom ensuring the total development of an individual. Community work and involvement in extension projects of Departments and the College are part of a student’s academic life.


CASSayuran, the official student publication of the College of Arts and Social Sciences, is an organization of student writers who uphold responsible campus journalism by bringing news for CASS, from CASS and by CASS. Being one of the most active student publications in MSU-IIT, CASSayuran releases its regular issues every semester and runs its own broadcasting channel on CASSayuran YouTube, dubbed as On the Web.

With the growing influence of the internet, CASSayuran also makes use of social networking sites as extensive avenues for disseminating announcements to the studentry through its official Facebook page, CASSayuran IIT (Official), and its official Twitter account, @CASSayuran.