The College of Arts & Social Sciences (CASS) English 110 (Philippine Linguistics) class of AB English third year students are reading their papers during the Free Linguistics Conference (FLC 2014) at the Jiao Tong University in Shanghai on September 26-29, 2014, Prof. Honeylet E. Dumoran of the English Department announced recently.

Prof. Dumoran also said that the term papers of the 19 students were accepted for presentation at this international conference on linguistics.

The English majors’ papers present analyses language use in the Philippines and scrutinize various texts such as social media posts, television ads, marketing/political slogans, register, signage, graffiti and poetry. The papers investigate such relationships as those between gender and the discourse of hate, between language choice and public reception, between spoken discourse and its approximation in online communication, and others. The papers are products of investigations the students did for their course in Philippine Linguistics.

The 19 students are Patricia Nicole M. Balgoa, Ian S. Embradura, Chezca Bianca P. Torres, Cristina Belen B. Zayas, Sherhanna Maureen Boniao, Yzza Gayle D. Diaz, Nova Ross S. Bongo, Jena B. Calboneros, Lynrose E. Genon, Floraime O. Pantaleta, Sariah Dawn C. San Juan, Kim Ashley D. Escalona, Mary Rosefern C. Montecalvo, Mark Sanny T. Perfecto, Doreen Jane P. Guanco, Maria Carmela R. Sultan, Janica Krishna S. Aguilar, Keziah Dawn A. Bajan and Vincent Theodore F. Bagnol.

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University, site of the international conference ranks 28th in Asia and 123rd in the World University Rankings 2014. It is the host of this year’s FLC, an inclusive forum which hosts research presentations in various areas in Linguistics. The FLC aims to provide an accessible venue for linguists and researchers all over the world through conferences that do not ask for registration fees. FLC 2015 will be held in UP Diliman next year.

Prof. Dumoran is both the Philippine Linguistics class instructor and term paper advisor of all the 19 English majors. She herself has also been accepted into the Conference to present an approach to the analysis of translated audiovisual texts, through a meta-analysis of several undergraduate translation studies which made use of a model she previously constructed.

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