The Mindanao State University –Iligan Institute of Technology Library primarily supports the institution’s instructional, curricular, research and extension programs through organized, relevant, and fast delivery of information services.

Academic libraries, as the resource centers of excellence in information, should aim at assisting the nation in producing professional, skilled and trained manpower by providing timely and instant access to various formats of information in any part of the country and of the world. The Library is situated at Ground Floor of the CASS New Building.


Service Hours
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (No noon break)

Online Services

Library Staff

  1. Book Loans: Some books such as circulation, and reserve books may be borrowed for a certain period.
    • Circulation: Circulation books may be taken out of the library for three days renewable unless needed by other users. Three books may be borrowed at any one time.
    • Reserve: Reserve Books may be borrowed on hourly basis or for overnight use.
      1. Hourly loan – Materials for room use may be borrowed for a period of two hours renewable unless needed by other users.
      2. Overnight loan – The book may be charged out two hours before closing time in the afternoon to be returned the following working day not later than 10:00 in the morning. On Saturdays they are issued two hours before closing time.
  2. Reference, Multi – Media and Filipiniana Services – The materials are for inside reading and could be photo-duplicated.
  3. Library Orientation / Instructional Services – Services are given to users on how to save time and effort in doing research in the library. These include library tours to the different libraries and assistance on the use of general references, guides and periodical indexes. Orientation program shall be undertaken during thefirst month of the first semester every school year.
  4. Current Awareness Services – New Book / Acquisition List – The library publishes every quarter a list of new books added to the collection. The list is posted in the library bulletin board of every satellite library.
  5. Internet Services – Internet service is available at the Multimedia Sections both at the CON Library and at the Institute’s main library for free. A librarian assists users in navigating the internet so they can efficiently search relevant information they need.
  6. VHS and CD Viewing Services – In availing VHS and CD Viewing Services, a written request by the users which is duly approved by the Head Librarian of the Multimedia Section is required. Abstracts of these and dissertations in CD-ROM are also available.
  7. Periodicals Desk Services – Students who may need help in locating journal articles or assistance in citing sources correctly may seek help from the periodicals librarian from each satellite libraries.
  8. Referral Services – Students who want to use other libraries within and outside Iligan City must first secure referral slip at the office of the Institute Librarian. A fee of P20.00 is charged for the issuance of library referral slip.
  9. On-Line Public Catalog (OPAC) – The On-line Public Access Catalog is an update of the traditional catalog. Bibliographic records of library collection are viewed in the OPAC through the use of a computer terminal. One can search a keyword or subject, author, title, or a combination of author and title, keyword and title, etc. Library materials acquired before 1995 can be searched using the traditional card catalog. Card catalog is also available in all satellite libraries and in the main library.
  10. On-Line Services – The following on-line databases can be accessed at the various satellite and multi-media section, main library on this website
A. Printed Materials
Books 9,217 11,744
Undergraduate Thesis Serials 1,234 1,234
Bound Journals 463 667
B. AV/ Multi-media Materials
CD-ROMS 54 156 pcs.
D. Online Books and Journals