by Venus Parmisana & Loreta Fajardo

The Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao (IPDM) sponsored a two-day seminar-workshop on Transformative Education for Peace at the MSU-IIT Mini Theater last July 19-20, 2010.

The Ford Foundation Alumni Philippines led by its President Prof. Rudy Rodil, a former faculty member of the CASS, supported the seminar whose resource persons articulated on Peace Education.

In a keynote address, MSU-IIT Chancellor Marcelo P. Salazar, in emphasizing the 3Es to achieve excellence through an excellent system, excellent delivery, and excellent mindset, underscored the roles of every stakeholder in the formation of values through education to attain peace.

In the opening, Dr. Arnulfo Supe, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, remarked on the purpose the participants gathered, a purpose not marked by accident but by the destiny to achieve peace. The seminar was organized by Dr. Marilou Nanaman, IPDM Director, who reiterated the need to integrate peace education in the curriculum.

The resource persons and their topics included Father Albert “Bert” Alejo (Konsult Mindanao/Dialogue Mindanao), Archbishop Antonio L. Ledesma, S.J. (Holistic Approach to Peace), Ms. Kersten Proebstel (Multiculturalism: Going Beyond Biases Prejudices), Mr. Jose Victor Penaranda (Inner Peace, Communication, and Relationship), Ms. Bell Balaez and Ms. Sabrina Garcia (Conflict Transformation), Prof. Jane Asperin (Popular Education: Explorations on the Pedagogy of Peace Education); Prof. Bebot Rodil and Penaranda (Transformative Education), and Prof. Darwin Manubag (Reflection, Healing, and Moving Forward).

The event, also attended by Dr. Polaus M. Bari, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance and Prof. Nora Clar, Dean of the CASS, culminated in a symbolic “trashing of bad thoughts.”

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