by Nelia Balgoa

Six universities from ASEAN countries met and explored possible collaborations and networks in a two-day international research partnership forum organized by Tra Vinh University (TVU) in Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam last August 31-September 1. Upon the invitation of Dr. Tung Diep Thanh, Dean of the Faculty of Economics of TVU and main organizer of the forum, six faculty members from the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) and four from the College of College of Business Administration (CBAA) attended the said forum which was participated in by other five universities namely : Tra Vinh University, Vietnam, Duta Wacana Christian and Atyama Jaya Universities of Indonesia, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman of Malaysia and Suranaree University Technology of Thailand.

Participants from MSU-IIT who were joined by more than thirty other administrators and faculty members from the other universities were Alita T. Roxas, Director of the Office of Graduate Studies, Polaus Bari, Dean of the CBAA, Pamela Resurreccion, Coordinator of Graduate Studies of CBAA, Lady Lou D’lonsod of the Economics Department, Nelia G. Balgoa, Chair of the English Department, Sittie Noffaisah Pasandalan, Asst. Dean of the CASS, Ma. Theresa S. Villabona, Helen Betonio, Lourd Greggory Crisol, faculty members of the English Department and Septrin John Calamba of the Sociology Department.

The participants, who were grouped according to their specializations and interests discussed possible areas of collaboration through sharing of sources in research, publication mechanisms, venue and platform for dissemination of research such as co-hosting of international conferences and fora, and academic activities such as visiting professorship and student exchange. The participating universities committed to Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement to forge partnerships and linkages and to hold the same forum next year. The forum culminated with visits to possible research sites in Vietnam such as the Mekong River, fishing villages and other universities in the province of Tra Vinh.

Topics : CBAA  CASS