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The OVCRE is calling on all Institute researchers to submit their research papers for this year’s 9th Annual In-House Review (AIHR) of research and developments projects.

VC for Research & Extension, Dr. Olga M. Nuñeza, said the 9th AIHR is set on June 29-30, 2011.

“On top of the presentation of the research outputs by the researchers, this year’s in-house review will feature lecturers on various chosen topics by esteemed experts that we have invited,” Nuñeza said.

Dr. Franco Teves

The venue for the in-house review will be announced soon.

Director of Research, Dr. Franco G. Teves, whose office is in charge of facilitating the 9th AIHR, is encouraging both faculty and student researchers of MSU-IIT to participate.

“There are prizes to be won for the best papers in the different research categories of the in-house review,” he said.

Nearly P50,000 was given away as cash prizes during the awarding ceremonies at the end of last year’s 8th AIHR held at the Institute Mini-Theater.

The AIHR is MSU-IIT’s way of collating and evaluating all its outputs for completed/ongoing and thesis/dissertation-based researches for a single year.

Selected entries would see publication in special issues of the Institute journal – Mindanao Forum — as well as enjoy IIT’s endorsement (a prerequisite) for participation in all national and international R&D forums.

To facilitate the conduct of the AIHR, interested researchers should follow the guidelines given below:

  1. Only R&D projects conducted in the last three years shall qualify;
  2. the NOMCARRD paper presentation format (available at the Dep’t of Research, OVCRE) shall be the prescribed one;
  3. Schedule of submission will be, as follows:

    ACTIVITYDEADLINESubmission of paper abstractApril 30, 2011Submission of six (6) hard copies & one (1) soft copyMay 25, 2011
  4. No paper shall be allowed for presentation without submission of soft and hard copies, whether competing or not; and,
  5. No extension for the deadline of the submission of requirements shall be accommodated.

For more information, please call the Dept. of Research, OVCRE, at 223-2343.

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