by Michelle Jeanne C. Caracut, OPI

The only Filipino named as one of the Intel® Education Visionaries (IEV) in the world, Prof. Amelia T. Buan, attended the annual global event, the Intel® Education Conference on June 24-29, 2016 in Denver, Colorado, USA.

  “I loved hearing about how technology makes a difference in classroom and schools around the world. Although we have varied contexts on how we use technology to transform learning, one common characteristic of innovative educators is the one who mentor and inspire students to augment learning with technology and challenge them to be creative thinkers and agents of their own learning,” said Buan.

Being an active and valuable member of the IEV program, Buan was invited by lead educator advocate of Intel Corporation, Elizabeth Crawford, to participate, share and collaborate with peers and experts from around the globe on the theme “STEAM Inspire What’s Inside.” The conference included discussions on relevant topics in education such as inspiring creativity in students, global collaborations, empowering girls, programming, and makers and apps for learning and teaching.

 Buan talked on “There is an App” for that session which is a 5 – minute talk of visionaries sharing an app for classroom instruction. She shared on how students and teachers use My.IIT app for teaching and learning.

 With her experience in Denver, Colorado, she thinks the Institute should improve on education technology. “Although we have limited ICT infrastructure, MSU-IIT faculty members and students should maximize the use of available technology tools that we have on our My.IIT app such as MOLE, Google applications, and more to empower students to become problem-solvers, innovative designers and computational thinkers,” she commented.

Intel Education has been working with educators who inspire other educators and policy makers about technology in education, share experiences and ideas, provide new opportunities for school system and assist Intel Education in designing the future of educational technology.

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