Twenty-one fourth year students of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics initiated a seminar entitled Math++: A Seminar on using Technology in Teaching Mathematics last October 21 to 22, 2008 at the I-school computer laboratory of the MSU-IIT Integrated Developmental School. This is their final showcasing for their subject Math Ed 104 under the supervision of their instructor, Mr. Louis Mark N. Plaza. The students were grouped into seven groups with three members. The presentations consisted of the aims, brief history of the software, a topic in Math using the software, evaluation of the software, enabling factors and hindering factors in ICT integration and ended with the conclusion and recommendation. The seven topics of the seminar are: Quadratic Functions using MathGV by JCC Quadrants group, Fibonacci Series using Jeliot by D’ Explorers group, Types of Triangle according to its sides using by AAA group, Exponential Function using Graph by Power Raiser group, Sample variance and sample standard deviation using Past by Onyx group, Regular Polygons using Geogebra by GeoSED group and Linear Equations using MathXpert by horizon group.

Each batch of presentations was followed by an open forum wherein a panel, which is composed of faculty members from the College of Education- Department of Science and Mathematics Education and the MSU-IIT Integrated Developmental School Department of Math and Information Technology and the Department of Science and Research, asked some questions to the presenters.

Topics :