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The Department of History of the College of Arts & Social Sciences (CASS) received yesterday, November 13, the original manuscript titled The MSU-IIT Story: Memoirs of Manaros B. Boransing.

Boransing also donated the loose pages of the manuscript written in his own handwriting.

Dr. Rohane Derongan, Department Chair, Dr. Jamail A. Kamlian, Institute Secretary and Office of the Chancellor Chief of Staff, Ms. Marilyn Nario of the Office of the Institute Secretary (OIS) and OPI immediate past Director Dr. Christine F. Godinez Ortega were present during the simple turnover ceremony.

Derogongan was delighted to have received on behalf of the department “a primary source” of the beginnings of MSU-IIT. She said local students and foreigners have visited the department library to do research on Mindanao studies.  

She agreed that Boransing is often dubbed the ‘Father of IIT’, a moniker that resulted in his vision and mission to make IIT at par with leading universities in the country, particularly the University of the Philippines.

In The Memoirs, one will appreciate Boransing’s ascent from MSU-IIT Dean to Vice President from 1973 till the end of his term in 1988; and will also discover that during his stewardship, he made MSU-IIT financially independent.

Boransing embarked on an extensive recruitment program for a quality faculty to beef up the then Institute’s fledgling faculty force, and to see to the completion of the buildings for the College of Arts & Social Sciences, the Gymnasium, the College of Engineering and the College of Science & Mathematics as well as his supervision of the plans for the construction of the College of Education completed during the term of his successor Dr. Camar A. Umpa.

After he left IIT, Boransing became consultant on Community Relations and Development of Lake Lanao and Agus River projects at the National Power Corp.

Later, he became manager of these projects then he went on to be Undersecretary of Education for Mindanao Affairs.

Boransing is a Certified Public Accountant. He graduated with an Accountancy degree from the University of the East in Manila. He took his Master’s degree in Business Administration as Melbourne University in Australia and a Master’s in Business Economics at Reading University in the UK.