by Christine Godinez Ortega

“This is the biggest,” exclaimed Dr. Franco G. Teves, Director for Research of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Extension (OVCRE), referring to a total of 28 undergraduate, 19 graduate papers and 8 posters presented on August 19-20, 2014 in this year’s 12th Bi-Annual In-House Review of R&D Projects.

Dr. Sukarno Tanggol - Biggest haul of papers in 12th In-House

The papers and posters submitted in the In-House of R&D Projects were classified under Gender Studies, Business, Culture, and History; National Sciences and Health Sciences.

Both the paper and poster presentations tackle diverse issues and new finds in this two-day event to be held in parallel sessions at the Mini-theatre, the Boardroom, and at the OVCRE Conference Room (download program here).

The In-House Review for R&D Projects started as a once-a-year event in 2002, but in 2013, because of the bulk of the papers submitted to the OVCRE, its Department for Research decided to hold two In-House Reviews within the same year hence, its name has been changed to Bi-Annual In-House Review of R&D projects.

This year’s first review of R&D projects had 13 evaluators from different colleges and universities of the Visayas and Mindanao — Undergraduate Level (Gender and Business Cluster ) – Leonila Cajarte of NEDA’s Region X Office; Dr. Luvizminda C. de la Cruz, Iligan City; ( Culture and History Cluster) Dr. Faina Abaya Ulindang and Dr. Eugene Torres of MSU Main Campus; Graduate Level – Dr. amuel Anonas, MSU main campus and Dr. Enrique Oracion, Silliman University. For the Natural Sciences Category, the evaluators were Dr. Florencio Recoleto, Jr. and Dr. Erlinda Yape of the MSU main campus. Under the Health Sciences Category – Dr. Leah Manapat of the MSU College of Medicine; Karen Yee of the Region X Department of Health; and Dr. Bernarda Lleno of the Bukidnon State University.

Research - Biggest haul of papers in 12th In-House Review

Plaques and cash prizes await the best paper presenters for both the graduate and the undergraduate categories.

During the opening program, Chancellor Sukarno D. Tanggol said the role of a university is to unearth secrets of the earth, decode the smallest details and understand complex systems in the world, and, for science research, to be of service to humanity. – by Christine Godinez Ortega for OC-OPI

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