After the program orientation at the Palawan State University, the next university to follow suit is the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) in Iligan City.  The orientation, held in 24 April 2008 at the MSU-IIT campus, paved the way for the university officials, faculty and staff to understand the rigors of program implementation.

Prof. Marcelo Salazar, MSU-IIT Chancellor, was bent to take on the challenge as he encouraged his team to rally behind him. Dr. Domingo Samson, the Schools Division Superintendent of Iligan City, appreciated the objectives of the program and has vowed his full support. In her talk on Madrasah Education, Shambaeh Usman, the DepEd X Regional Madrasah Coordinator, extol the gains of Madrasah Education in the country. She quipped, “This is the concrete and sincere contribution of the present administration to the Muslim Filipinos”.  She also expressed her appreciation to the BEAM Project for spearheading and extending the program to their region.

In solidarity with their colleagues from the MSU System, ATEP Managers from MSU Marawi and General Santos City shared their experiences and challenges in running the program. Dr. Aida Macadaag of MSU Marawi explained the steps they have taken in implementing the program. Prof. Julita Arsenal of MSU Gensan talked about the program as a peace-building in action. She narrated how she motivated the grantees to finish the program despite the problems and difficulties. She said, “As an ATEP Manager, you are not only managing the program; you become a teacher, a mother, a social worker, a nurse, and a friend. It is important that you help them understand and set their priorities.”

ATEP graduates from the said universities also shared how they cope in the program as they juggled their studies and teaching jobs in the public schools.  Badrana Yusop, a LET passer from Gensan described the program as a “fulfillment of a dream”.  She reiterated the importance of setting priorities as they juggle their multiple responsibilities as ATEP grantees and ALIVE teachers.  Rohania Tanog of Marawi recounted how the program has improved their teaching skills and their outlook in life.

The sharing of experiences inspired the faculty and staff of MSU-IIT to set the program in motion and show the rest of the universities the excellence that MSU-IIT is known for.

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