Accreditation is a process. Though tedious at that on the part of the institution being visited, yet, it certainly reaps a lot of benefits in the future.

The procedures involve total evaluation of an academic program. Usually, a method of triangulation is employed to ensure that a sufficient amount of information can be obtained from various points of service delivery in the school system. The process of inquiry includes a combination of self-survey, documentary analysis, ocular inspection, interview, and focus group discussion among the different stakeholders.

The purpose of evaluating an academic program is to raise the capacities of the school to provide effective services to the clientele. Though accreditation looks into flaws and limitations of a school system, but this is done in the spirit of helping the school. Oftentimes, accreditors utilize an appreciative inquiry approach, that is to highlight the best features or practices of a school and to recommend viable measures to lessen or if not eliminate the shortcomings.

As the College of Education of MSU-IIT currently undergoes accreditation visit from March 17 to 19, 2010 by AACCUP, its personnel experience stressful moments and Sleepless nights accomplishing the necessary documents and exhibits. It could not be denied that different emotions have surfaced among the personnel but these can also help them raise their self-awareness and personal capacities. Aside from the benefits that the institution will receive from accreditation, the personnel will also gain in terms of their skills, inner strength, capacity to understand and interpersonal relationships.

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