by J-Roel Semilla

To equip teachers handling Inclusive Education subject, Kevin Gales, an alumnus of the College of Education and former travelling mentor of Inclusion Initiative,  gave back to his former school to speak in a seminar on Inclusive Education on August 16,2019.

 In front of his former professors at room 205, Gales talked about his advocacy and shared his experiences teaching diverse learners, some with special needs and disabilities.

“Disability is the result when a person with impairment is experiencing environmental, social, and institutional barriers. But, inclusion is about providing accessible environment for impaired individuals,’’ he explained. 

Teachers should welcome students with disabilities and make classrooms accessible for them. More than training, what teachers need is support from school administration to implement inclusive education.

Gales’ speaking engagement was made possible by the supporting organizations such as The Teachers’ Gallery (TTG), Inclusion Initiative (IAMYOU), and funded by Unicef.

The inclusion initiative mentor finished Bachelor of Secondary Education major in General Science last 2016.