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AIITAFI President Darwin Manubag

This year, AIITAFI President, Prof. Darwin J. Manubag has put his efforts in increasing the number of chapters around the Philippines and in foreign shores. So far, AIITAFI has 13 active chapters. Committed to scout and reach out to fellow alumni, Manubag has gone to places to meet prospect AIITAFI members and urged them to be active. With his acquaintances, he has established a bond which made possible other alumni to reconnect to MSU-IIT and establish a commitment of support any activities that AIITAFI has lined up this year.

Prof. Manubag visited a number of chapters this 2010, namely: AIITAFI Davao, AIITAFI Cebu. AIITAFI Manila, Laguna and Cavite when the association had a joint Luzon-wide Fellowship.

The members of the AIITAFI chapters met him with a warm welcome. Speaking before the Luzon group, Manubag said, “we need to strengthen this alumni network to make it more sustainable. We need to regularly meet to renew our IITian spirit and help our alma mater in its quest to be known as a research university”.

Meanwhile, Cebu AIITAFI also met Manubag in a gathering on March 28, 2010. There he spoke about his dream to increase the number of members of the association and sought their support or pledges for projects especially the upcoming grand alumni homecoming to be hosted by the College of Arts and Social Sciences in July 2010. Prospect members thus signified their strong support.

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