By Venus R. Parmisana

The Admissions Office conducted a writing workshop to produce a Program Adviser’s manual that will be distributed to all colleges.

The publication planned to provide answers to concerns on advising is being undertaken by the Committee on Admission, Registration and Scholarship (CARS) chaired by Prof. Ernesto E. Empig, Dean of the School of Computer Studies.

Over forty-five participants from the eight colleges including Assistant Deans, Department Chairpersons, enrolment advisers, and members of the CARS attended the “writeshop” last May 12.

The event highlighted by the speech of Chancellor Dr. Sukarno D. Tanggol who, besides expressing his appreciation for the initiative of the CARS, expressed his concern for the less fortunate students to be provided admission to the Institute.

Genevieve D. Benegrado, Administrative Officer of the Admissions Office, and Dr. Lydie D. Paderanga of the Registrar’s Office were the main discussants who lectured on admissions, scholarship, and registration.

Meanwhile, advisers and those wanting to access the initial Adviser’s Manual may do so through their account in the docs section of the Institute web site.

Topics : admissions