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University Chancellor

Prof. Alizedney M. Ditucalan, JD, LLM

University Chancellor

Welcome Message

My beloved MSU-IIT Community,

It is in deep humility and with fullness of the heart that I address the remarkable Institute for the first time as Chancellor. Today, we begin our journey together and I look forward to every step that we will take as we sustain the gains our dear Institute has accumulated all these years.

MSU-IIT has been called the jewel of the MSU System. The national and global recognitions in only a span of 53 years speak volumes of how MSU-IIT deserve such epithet. With your support, we shall live up to this bar of excellence if not surpass it. We can do this because I am firm in my conviction that empowered academic staff and good governance are among the critical factors which catapulted the Institute’s incredible growth.

I thank Chancellor Sukarno Tanggol for his exemplary leadership, for the visions he dreamed and achieved for the Institute. MSU-IIT stands ever taller today because we stand upon the great shoulders of a visionary leader.

A million thanks as well to Dr. Habib Macaayong, the MSU System President, for steering the entire MSU towards the direction of excellence. His brand of leadership is inspiring in so many ways and, for many including myself, a paragon of a mission-driven governance in the academe.

I am also grateful for the whole MSU-IIT Community for its untiring commitment to quality and excellence. This commitment is the very fire that propels the ship forward and toward greater heights. Knowing all these, I am thrilled and humbled to be given this great opportunity to work with such eminent academic community.

This election to the chancellorship brings me full circle. I came to MSU-IIT as a boy from a small town in Lanao del Sur but with a dream. And like a parent, MSU-IIT shaped and nurtured me to become the person that I am today. MSU-IIT provided me a home.

I am forever thankful to MSU-IIT. I am happy because I am home.


University Vice Chancellors

Prof. Ephrime Metillo, PhD

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Prof. Gaudencio C. Petalcorin, Jr. PhD

Vice Chancellor for Research and Enterprise

Atty. Yaslani Bantuas

Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

Prof. Pamela F. Resurreccion, PhD

Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development

Prof. Rohane M. Derogongan, PhD

Vice Chancellors for Student Services

Dr. Joey Genevieve T. Martinez

Vice Chancellor for International Affairs

Prof. Nancy Q. Echavez, PhD

Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs

College Deans

Prof. Maria Rizalia Y. Teves

College Of Economics, Business & Account

Prof. Marie Joy D. Banawa, PhD

College Of Arts And Social Sciences

Assoc. Prof. Rabby Q. Lavilles,

College Of Computer Studies

Assoc. Prof. Abdullah Junior S. Mangarun

College Of Nursing

Assoc. Prof. Maria Sheila K. Ramos

College Of Engineering

Prof. Jan Mickelle V. Maratas

College Of Science & Mathematics

Assoc. Prof. Monera A. Salic

College Of Education