by Dr. Josefina M. Tabudlong

Members of the AACCUP accreditation team and officials of the MSU-IIT exchanged notes on the development plans of the Institute that included infrastructure, curriculum, faculty development, library, and research.

This exchange was an opportunity afforded by the presence of the team led by Dr. Manuel T. Corpus that was on campus starting last March 17 for the current review of the College of Education. Present to answer the team’s queries was Dr. Lydie D. Paderanga, CED Dean, and members of her college’s faculty and staff.

Also present were Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Arnulfo P. Supe who shared his views on the implementation of plans and procedures deemed beneficial to the Institute and Budget Director Mr. Alfredo Peñola who elaborated on the financial aspects of the plans.

The discussion facilitated an exchange that enlightened the members of the academic community on the need to further enhance the College of Education.

Topics : accreditation  aaccup