The College of Nursing (CON) fed, weighed and provided entertainment to about 70 children during its Nutrition Program Extension Project at the MSU-IIT’s adopted barangay Tibanga on July 31, 2013 at the said barangay’s multipurpose hall.

The half-day activity also consisted of technology transfer and health education for the mothers and their children. Such activity coincided with the National Celebration in July as Nutrition Month.

A puppet show was done to teach the children the proper hand washing techniques and hygiene. Proper hand washing was also demonstrated live after the puppet show. Proper eating habits were then taught through role playing which delighted the children in the audience. For the roughly 50 mothers and fathers in the audience, food technology transfer was conducted through a demonstration of the preparation of economical, yet nutritious meals. Before the feeding began, the children were made to perform the hand washing technique as they had viewed during the puppet show and during the actual demonstration earlier.

The program was attended by the Director for the Department of Extension, Dr. Nimfa L. Bracamonte and Dr. Rebecca Alcuizar of the same department. Also in attendance was Tibanga Barangay Captain Camilo Anduyan who expressed his gratitude to MSU-IIT in his message during the program and Mrs. Helen Ungab, Barangay Midwife.

The activities of this Extension Project started with an “Operation Timbang” and data gathering for target clients on July 18, 2013.

Two weeks before the health education and feeding programs, a search for preschoolers ages between three (3) to six (6) years old to be weighed and assessed from the barangay’s 18 puroks were carried out in coordination with the Barangay Health Center personnel, CON faculty, staff and students that composed the working committee.

It likewise was able to identify target clients who were either underweight or severely underweight for their age and enabled the working committee to prepare their priority topics for health education within that time period as well.

The Nutrition Program is spearheaded by CON Dean, Prof. Clowe D. Jondonero, Clinical and Community Coordinator Prof. Vincent G. Tabil, and the College Extension Committee Members Prof. Jiddo Andrei G. Maranda, Ms. Karen R. Veloso, and Prof. Leah May P. Madjus. The City Health Office and some donors provided multivitamins distributed to the children.

This monitoring and evaluation continues until September 2013 under the Wellness and Sanitation area of the “WE CARE: Pagtambayayong sa Paglambo sa Tibanga Project” of the Institute.

In the second quarter of this year, the CONursing conducted the first Wellness and Sanitation Project in the same Barangay which was the “Operation Tuli” that catered to 126 circumcised clients. There were also lectures on the top three common illnesses in the barangay and on family planning during the “Operation Tuli”. Karen R. Veloso, CON for OC-OPI

CON faculty and students with children of Barangay Tibanga. Photo below right shows OVCRE-Department of Extension Dr. Nimfa Bracamonte and other faculty members of the Institute during the Operation Timbang program.

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