by Prof. Amelia Buan and Dr. Adelfa C. Silor

The goal of the Intel Teach Getting Started Course is to help classroom teachers with little knowledge or no experience with computers, and is in need of basic skills and introduction to project based approaches. The training enables the participants to 1) develop 21st century teaching and learning skills and approaches, such as student-centered instruction, critical thinking, and collaboration 2) involve the planning, doing, reviewing, and sharing of meaningful and relevant teacher activities and 3) require the development of individual action plans detailing how teachers will apply their new skills and approaches to enhance their productivity and professional growth over time.

Hands-on Session

Trainers Ms. Avril Joy R. Ramayan and Ms. Roxan A. Consolacion, with the assistance of Muslim peer tutors demonstrated the step-by-step hands-on activities which served as key instruments in contextualizing the end goal of the training. The said trainers Ms. Avril Joy R. Ramayan and Ms Roxan A. Consolacion  exerted their efforts in training the ATEP SCHOLARS on how to use computer technology which is a tool for  the 21st century teaching methods and approaches in making  teaching more efficient and effective.

Indeed, through this training, the fifty three  ATEP SCHOLARS presented their outputs like the power point presentations, excel with the computation of grades, making graphs, surfing picture from the internet, and others.  In other words, the participants learned many things from this training. This is shown through the impression of one of the participants, Ustadj Saidamen Omar representing the ICT Laboratory group, who said that  “he was very fortunate to have the 5-day training program for the Intel Teach Getting Started Course  because of the dexterous, approachable and kind trainers who sacrificed themselves just to train the ATEP SCHOLARS.” Another participant who represented the Worldlinks Training Center group,  Ustadja Raida M. Mamasao also gave her impression. She thanked the organizer and coordinator of ICT, Prof. Amelia Buan, Dr. Lydie D. Paderanga the College Dean and at the same time the ATEP Manager and also  Prof. Monera Salic Hairulla, the ATEP coordinator. She added that she learn a lot from the training which  enhanced her learning about the 21st century approaches and strategies for teaching. According to her “when I go back to my school, I will apply to my pupils the strategy in using information technology as a tool in teaching.”

Planning Session

Consequently, the dynamic Dean and ATEP Manager, Dr. Lydie D. Paderanga gave her words of CHALLENGE  to the fifty ATEP Scholars who completed the Intel Teach Getting Started. She said that learning the ICT is a trade mark in MSU-IIT where teachers should be trained in the use of Information Technology “IT” in the integration of the teaching and learning process. She added that what is being taught and learned in the training should be applied in the actual teaching because this will make the teaching process easy and attractive to the learners specially with the use of animation and also in the computation of grades instead of using calculator. In fact, Dr. Paderanga said that “it is in your hands to decide whether to use it or refuse it. If you refuse to use it then what  you learn in the training is useless.” Thus, Dr. Paderanga challenged the fifty three ATEP Scholars to “Turn It On” meaning use ICT in teaching when they go back to their respective classrooms. But if they will they encounter problems like lack of computers to use in school, or no internet connections, they should not be discouraged. ”Face the problems and look for the solution of that problem. Just bear in mind that when you sacrifice you will be successful because there is no success without sacrifice,” Dr. Paderanga said.

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