by Rex Godinez Ortega, OC

A three-day Gender Sensitivity Training (GST) that seeks to promote gender sensitivity and gender awareness among students kicks off on Wednesday at the amphitheater of the College of Education (CED).

The training, which runs from September 18-20, also tries to define and level-off gender concepts, issues, and perspectives for the CED students.

It is organized by the CED through Asst. Prof. Osuardo Pabatang, Jr. and his research team, and is conducted in coordination with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension.

The GST occurs under a research project headed by Pabatang entitled, Gender Sensitivity Trainings for College Students of MSU-IIT: An Outcome-Based Gender Awareness Enhancement Program.

The speaker for the GST is Prof. Nathalie T. Igot, Supervising Program Specialist and GAD Focal Person of the Commission on Higher Education – Regional Office (CHEDRO) 10, and Certified National Resource Pool Member of the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW).