by Rex Godinez Ortega, OC

Ms. Nenen Borinaga of MICeL

FORTY-ONE MSU-IIT employees were named as recipients of the various awards given under the University’s 2020 Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) that was recently revised to demonstrate further the University’s commitment to boosting the morale of its employees.

The rebooted PRAISE is noticeably different for its renamed categories and awards that are now in Filipino instead of English, and for its addition of new awards in order to make the program more comprehensive and inclusive.   

The 2020 Revised MSU-IIT PRAISE renamed the University-level awards category to Gawad Tsanselor; the college-level awards category to Gawad Dekano; and the Administrative Personnel and Office Award category to Gawad Kawani Pang-Administratibo.

The 41 PRAISE awardees this year are led by Ms. Nenen Borinaga of the MSU-IIT Center for e-Learning (MICeL).  

Borinaga bags the Gawad Tsanselor’s Natatanging Kawani Pang Administratibo ng Pamantasan (Outstanding Administrative Employee of the University Award) that entitles her to P40,000, a plaque of recognition, and a blazer.

The Gawad Tsanselor is the University-level category of the awards that is made up of seven awards, including the Natatanging Guro ng Pamantasan (the faculty counterpart of Borinaga’s award) and five newly-created ones.

It takes on the characteristic of a lifetime achievement award in the sense that it can be awarded to an employee only once during his or her entire stay in MSU-IIT. The awardee cannot also be nominated anymore for any of the other awards in the Gawad Tsanselor category in the future.

“I share with and dedicate this award to all members of MSU-IIT’s working force,” Borinaga, who has been with the University since 2006, said. 

“Let us continue to help MSU-IIT provide better service to the public,” she added.

Borinaga is the only winner under the Gawad Tsanselor category, as the University PRAISE Committee deferred screenings for the other six awards under this special category, citing finalization of the criteria and mechanics for judging. 

Borinaga is also one of five non-teaching employees who win in the semi-academic sector category of the Gawad Kawani Pang-Administratibo (Outstanding Personnel Award). The winners under the Gawad Tsanselor category are always picked from the declared winners of the Gawad Dekano and Gawad Kawani categories.

A virtual awarding ceremony was put together for the awardees on December 29, 2020 by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance (OVCAF) where a virtual certificate of recognition was given to the 24 faculty members and 17 staff members who made up this year’s batch of outstanding employees. 

According to the OVCAF, the cash incentives for the awardees were deposited in their respective accounts while the plaques of recognition will be delivered to their cost centers in January next year.

The PRAISE Awards are different from MSU-IIT’s Service Awards, which are given out every July during the University’s Charter Day celebration. The former is in recognition of the work and achievements of the employees while the latter is in recognition of their years of service.

The 41 MSU-IIT employees who received awards under the 2020 Revised PRAISE are the following:


  1. Natatanging Kawani Pang Administratibo ng Pamantasan (with Plaque, blazer, P40,000): Ms Nenen Borinaga.


  1. Natatanging Guro sa Larangan ng Pagtuturo (College Faculty Instruction Award) (Plaque and P10,000): Asst. Prof. Debi S. Galela (CASS); Asst. Prof. Gilceline L. Dingding (CBAA); Asst. Prof. Eddie Bouy B. Palad (CCS); Assoc. Prof. Monera Salic-Hairulla (CED-IDS); Assoc. Prof. Dima Franca T. Apao (COET); Asst. Prof. Carmela D. Ortega (CON); and Assoc. Prof. Joey Genevieve T. Martinez (CSM).
  2. Natatanging Guro sa Larangan ng Pananaliksik (College Faculty Research Award) (Plaque and P20,000): Prof. Nelia G. Balgoa (CASS); Assoc. Prof. Sheevun Di O. Guliman (CBAA); Asst. Prof. January D. Febro (CCS); Asst. Prof. Geraldine P. Go (CED-IDS); Prof. Napoleon A. Enteria (COET); Assoc. Prof. Minnie B. Mamauag (CON); and Prof. Mylene M. Uy (CSM).
  3. Natatanging Guro sa Larangan ng Paglilingkod sa Komunidad (College Faculty Extension Award) (Plaque and P10,000): Assoc. Prof. Sittie Noffaisah B. Pasandalan (CASS); Prof. Manuel B. Barquilla (CED-IDS); Assoc. Prof. Maria Sheila K. Ramos (COET); Assoc. Prof. Abdullah Junior S. Mangarun (CON); and Assoc. Prof. Mac Euan D. Malugao (CSM).
  4. Natatanging Guro ng Taon (College Faculty Award) (Plaque and P20,000): Asst. Prof. Mia Amor C. Tinam-isan (CCS); Prof. Rebecca M. Alcuizar (CED-IDS); Prof. Olga Joy L. Gerasta (COET); Asst. Prof. Geraldine S. Ridad (CON); and Prof. Evelyn C. Creencia (CSM).
  5. Natatanging Kawani Pang-Administratibo ng Kolehiyo (Outstanding College Administrative Staff Award) (Plaque and P10,000): Ms. Fe C. Palmero (CASS); Ms. Lilibeth J. Piedad (CBAA); Ms. Chavita G. Del Mar (CCS); Mr. Basilio G. Hora (CED-IDS); Ms. Bolivia R. Dagohoy (COET); Mr. Harold L. Chua (CON); and Mr. Isidro B. Arquisal (CSM).


  1. Natatanging Kawani Pang-Administratibo ng Semi-Academic Sector (Best Administrative and Non-Teaching Employee for Semi-Academic Sector Award) (Plaque and P10,000): Ms. Mary Jane S. Apugan (Institute Library); Ms. Veronica S. Carandang (Institute Library); Ms. Renalou S. Bontilao (OGS); Ms.Nenen S. Borinaga (MICeL); and Ms. Saakia A. Ananggo (OSDS).
  2. Natatanging Kawani Pang-Administratibo ng Non-Academic Sector (Best Administrative and Non-Teaching Employee for Non-Academic Sector Award) (Plaque and P10,000): Mr. Abiden M. Mamailao (IASU); Ms. Corazon E. Ancajas (Accounting Division); Ms. Lizshaida T. Macabato (OBM); Mr. Ray Anthony V. Aban (SPMD); and Mr. Daven O. Herodias (PSD).


  1. Natatanging Guro ng Pamantasan (Outstanding Faculty of the University); 
  2. Natatanging Administrador ng Pamantasan (Outstanding Administrator of the University);
  3. Natatanging Syentista ng Pamantasan sa Larangan ng Agham at Teknolohiya (Outstanding Scientist of the University for Science and Technology); 
  4. Natatanging Syentista ng Pamantasan sa Larangan ng  Edukasyon, Kalakal, at Agham Panlipunan (Outstanding Scientist of the University for Education, Trade, and Social Sciences);
  5. Natatanging Alagad ng Sining at Kultura (Outstanding Artist for Culture and Arts); and 
  6. Natatanging Opisina ng Pamantasan (Outstanding Cost Center of the University).

The University PRAISE Committee is made up of the following:

Chairperson : Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

Vice -Chairperson : Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development

Members :

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Director, Human Resource Management Division

Director, Office of Budget Management

President, Faculty Union

Authorized Representative from the Association of Non-Teaching Employees Union (ANTEU) with permanent status and occupying at least first level position in the Institute

The 2020 Revised MSU-IIT PRAISE was approved by the MSU Board of Regents through Resolution No. 239, S. 2020 during the board’s 252nd meeting held via Zoom teleconferencing on September 30, 2020.