Two of the CHEd accredited Institute journals, the Mindanao Forum’s (MF) June 2015 issue and the Asia Pacific Journal of Science, Mathematics and Engineering have been released.

The MF edited by Dr. Christine Godinez Ortega is devoted to papers in Engineering. The issue editor is Metodia M. Trinidad. It contains 9 papers (see list below).

The Asia Pacific Journal of Science, Mathematics and Engineering edited by Dr. Cesar G. Demayo has 13 papers (see list below):

The Mindanao Forum Vol . 28 No. 1 ISSN 0115-7892 June 2015 (Engineering issue)

This issue contains 9 papers by the following authors:

“Upgrading the Purity of Na-Montmorillonite by Electrophoretic Deposition” by Ivyleen C . Bernardo-Arugay, Leslie Joy L. Diaz;

 “ Optimal Generation Scheduling of the Philippine Power System Grid” by Philips B. Ocang, Noel R. Estoperez; 

 “Utilization of Crushed Coconut Shells for Green and Lightweight Concrete” by Metodia M. Trinidad;

“An Experimental Investigation on the Reduction of Laterite Ore Using Liquified Petroleum Gas” by Genelyn B. Itao and Nathaniel M. Anacleto;

“On-chip Indoor Light Energy Harvester with Voltage Regulator for Low Power Applications” by Chinet O. Mocorro, Hong-Yi Huang, Jeprie L. Gultia, Patricio A. Ole, Jr. Rennie E. Miculob;

“Technical and Financial Assessment of Net-Metered System on Local Grid” by Rennie E. Miculob, Noel R. Estoperez, Jepriel L. Gultia, Chineto O. Mocorro, Patricio A. Ole;

“Spatial Analysis of Flood Susceptible Areas in Iligan City Using Geographic Information System (GIS)” by Rom Oliver T. Perez, Jhon Eduard C. Obordo, Metodia M. Trinidad;

“Design and Testing of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) Stove For Household Application” by Edwin O. Deiparine;

“Artificial Neural Network (ANN)-Based Shunt Active Power Filter” by Jeprie L. Gultia, Rennie E. Miculob, Chinet O. Mocorro, Noel R. Estoperez, Patricio A. Ole

Asia Pacific Journal of Science, Mathematics and Engineering Vol. 3 No. 2 (2015)

This issue contains 13 papers by the following authors:

“On Continuous Functions in Trigeneralized Topological Spaces” by Cherry Mae R. Balingit and Ferdinand P. Jamil;

“On the Sequential Point Estimation of the Powers of the Ratio of Two Exponential Scale Parameters” by Fe F. Largo and Daisy Lou L. Polestico;

“The Bioactivities of the Fractions from the Ethanol Extract of Leucosyke capitellata (“Alagasi”) Leaves” by Arjielyn M. Campecino and Mylene M. Uy;

“ An In Vitro Study: Anthelmintic Potential of the Crude Ethanol Extract and the Chloroform-Soluble Extract and its Fractions from the Aerial Parts of Cyperus Brevifolious Rottb. by Daisy Jane C. Paig, Kirstin Rhys S. Pueblos, Mark Tristan J. Quimque, Anelyn P. Bendoy;

The Bioactivity Profile of the Fractions form the Ethnol extract of Derris elliptica Benth (“Tubli”) Leaves” by Rhosa Veca D. Deguino and Mylene M. Uy;

“Phytochemical, Brine Shrimp Lethality Assay, Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activity Screening of Nypa fruticans (“Nipa”) Leaf Extracts by Charlie A. Lavilla, Jr and Marvelous Grace L. Villazorda;

“Identification of the Fatty Acids in the Leaves of Premna odorata Blanco (Lamiaceae) by Lunesa C. Pinzon, Mylene M. Uy, Shinji Ohta;

“Spectroscopic Assessment of Boric Acid Levels in Samples of Instant Noodles” by Ma. Cecilia V. Almeda and Elvie Grace M. Burgos;

“The bioactivity Profile of Ixora chinensis (“Santan-tsina”) Leaves: Toxicity, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities by Sheila Mae S. Calimpon and Mylene M. Uy;

“Insecticidal Activity Evaluation of Decoctions and Crude Ethanol Extracts from Annona squamosal Linn., Jatropha curcas Linn. And Lantana camara Linn. Against Sitophilus zeamais (Motschulsky) and Tribolium castaneum (Herbst.) by Quennie Grace N. Malmis and Kirstin Rhys S. Pueblos;

“Effects of Zinc Chloride concentration and Thermal Annealing on the growth of Zinc Sulfide Nonostructures by Rolen Brian P. Rivera and Arnold C. Alguno;

“The Experimental Study of the Performance of a Mini Horizontal Evaporator for Vapor Compression Refrigeration System” by Elmer B. Dollera and Eliseo P. Villanueva; and,

”Flow Estimation of Stream Networks in Iligan City Using Geographic Information System (GIS)” by Anacita P. Tahud and Noel R. Estoperez.

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