15 IIT children in Gazette cover photo shoot

The Institute became the playground of 15 children of MSU-IIT’s faculty and staff during the Cover photo session for its official newsletter The Gazette.

The children whose ages ranged from 1 ½ to 12 years old came in the national attires of the various ASEAN member countries since the theme of the December 2015 Gazette is “One ASEAN” or the ASEAN Integration launched in December 2015.

The Office of Publication & Information (OPI) official photographer Mark Jezreel T. Orbe took individual and group photos of the children at the OC and at the CASS building and grounds. At the same time, the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles of the children were also on hand to take photos and to give the children directions on how to pose before the camera, visibly enjoying the session as well.

Later, party favors and balloons were distributed to the children after the photo shoot.

The children who represented the ASEAN countries for the photo shoot were:

15 IIT children in Gazette cover photo shoot

Brunei — Lance Anthony Ventanilla (11); Cambodia – Sophia Alexa J. Cortez (4) and Zaneer G. Pasandalan (4); Indonesia — Zilian Viel B. Sagpang (4); Laos – Janus Dave S. Echavez (6) and Margaret Deneb E. Almarez (1 year 10 months); Malaysia – Nitro Bhelson Gonza Cawaling (5); Myanmar – Sophia Patricia M. Fernandez (10); Philippines – Alan Gabriel K. Abragan (8); Harithah Rafeeya Macarambon (6); Thailand – Yuri Mikhail D. Ortega (8) and Yuko Olga Kirsten D. Ortega (5); Singapore — Miyuki Psalm H. Ambe (5) and Feraz Adam Ali Mutia (1 year & 6 months); and, Vietnam – Sean Benedict E. Penola (12) and Janina Denise Q. Villabona (10).

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