by Arlan Jan K. Abragan

Professors Roselyn M. Butalid and Gloria Shiela E. Coyoca, the Assistant Dean and Research Coordinator respectively of the College of Nursing (CON) presented papers during the 3rd Annual International Conference (AIC) Syiah Kuala University in conjunction with the 2nd International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research (ICMR) at Darussalam – Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

There were 17 participating countries during the said conference held on October 2-4, 2013 that had four keynote speakers including Dr. Bradley J. Pusey of the University of Western Australia who presented his paper entitled “Fish, Flows, Isotopes and Food Webs: The Importance of Connectivity in Northern Australian Rivers”; Dr. Siti Azizah M. Nor of the Universiti Sains with her paper entitled “DNA Barcoding: The Molecular Detective”; Dr. Ahmad Fauzi Abduk Hamid of the Universiti Sains Malaysia with his paper entitled “The Impact of Socio – Political Development on Christians in the Middle East”’; and Dr. Abdul Malek Abdul Rahman of the Universiti Sains Malaysia with his paper entitled “Global Warming: Global warning for local actions”.

Coyoca delivered three papers which she co–authored with senior CON students. The paper entitled “Microorganisms on Surface Culture of Injection Port of Intravenous Sets and its Implication to Infection Control” was best received among those she delivered. She was likewise chosen to be one of the conference proceedings editors specifically on the Life Sciences Chapter.

Butalid on the other hand, delivered her papers which she also co-authored with senior CON students entitled “Parental Bonding Styles and Emotional Intelligence of Student Nurses”, “Link Between Method of Delivery and Incidence of Childhood Overweight or Obesity”, and “Comparative Analysis of Asthma Incidence Between Breastfed and Bottle-fed Children(Aged 3-7 years old)”. – Arlan Jan K. Abragan, CON for OC OPI

Topics : international conference